How can I earn a Doctor of Social Work degree through an online school program?

Are you ready to take your vocation to the next level? Of course, you are if you are contemplating the decision about whether to earn a doctorate degree. As social work is a rewarding and worthwhile career, perhaps you lack a good challenge in your current position. By obtaining a Doctor of Social Work degree through an online school program, you will increase your standing in the field by taking on a teaching or research position, as well as, a leadership role in your agency or you may be interested in opening a private practice.

Today’s busy lifestyle demands that your attention is divided into many activities. Perhaps you have family responsibilities that require a steady income, therefore, maintaining a job is vital to your family’s financial stability. Earning your doctorate degree in social work through an online program is a great idea, allowing you to work while earning your degree. The online degree is accepted and recognized by all prospective employers just as the traditional on-campus degree. The quality of your education is the same, however, please be aware that personal face-to-face instruction may be needed periodically, therefore, requiring your attendance on-campus. Supervised internships or academic residencies are also often necessary.

This distinguished asset can be earned within five to seven years, depending on your schedule and dedication to the program. Your valuable time will be spent earning your online Ph.D. in Social Work, working on your dissertation and its presentation, along with, completing an internship or supervised hours.

As you consider the correct program for you, please be aware that an online Ph.D. or DSW graduate degree program can be challenging to get into, for it is a very competitive process. Be sure to have your paperwork in order and that you meet all appropriate deadlines to ensure your acceptance. Also, you will be required to make a strong statement of intent. The admissions committee will consider your motives behind earning your online doctorate degree in social work. You will need a few essential recommendations and, as expected, your GRE skills need to be excellent, as well. Most schools require that you own a master’s degree, although, this may not be a requirement. Some schools will allow you to earn your master’s degree recognition several years into your doctorate degree program. You will want to include a writing sample if required, and any publications you have completed, as well as, a detailed resumé outlining your internship and work experience, along with, a description of your volunteer work.

What can you expect to learn from your online school’s Doctor of Social Work program? At the doctorate level, your syllabus will take an in-depth look at all topics regarding social work, such as theory development, economics and social change, statistics, perspectives in clinical theory, qualitative research, contemporary issues in social work, social welfare history and, of course, research methods, advanced foundation in social work and social policy analysis. Other coursework may include other subjects, such as diversity in the workplace, theories behind trauma, social influences on behavior and the prevention and causes of child abuse. You will also work on your dissertation, for this makes up a large portion of your required grade for graduation.

Without a doubt, this challenging degree will be tough; however, you can do it! The personal satisfaction of earning your online doctorate degree in social work will boost your confidence, as well as, provide many career opportunities and perhaps, a significant salary increase. If you are interested in this field, please see our list of the Best Online Schools that offer Doctor in Social Work degree programs.