Is it possible to earn a Doctorate degree in Computer Science through an online school program?

Any field related to computers is prevalent in today’s non-stop world of technology. Earning an online Doctor of Computer Science degree is very popular, not to mention, an excellent opportunity. Without a doubt, you’re already established in the field, if you are inquiring about how to earn a doctorate degree in the field of computer science. At this level, students are preparing to advance in their career and take a more comprehensive approach to the world of computer science.

Would you like to delve deeper into computer design and how they operate? Would you like to solve some of today’s issues through this field? If so, first determine what you would want to do with your online degree in computer science. As the industry grows exponentially, so does the need for well-qualified individuals who can help to solve pertinent issues related to today’s needs. Earning this distinguished degree will help you obtain the position of your dreams, perhaps as a professor, researcher, or you may choose to open your own consulting business. There are many things you can do with a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

As a research-based degree, perhaps you have questioned if a Ph.D. in Computer Science can be earned through an online school format? Good question, although the answer may depend on the school. In most doctorate degree programs, classwork can be completed online through an asynchronous form, meaning you will have access to your coursework any time you choose. Online schools offer degree programs that allow working adults the opportunity to achieve their educational goals while maintaining a healthy family life, as well as, earning a living. But, here’s the kicker. Online doctoral programs in computer science will, most likely, require some in-person attendance, a residency, and of course, a dissertation. Please consider the hardships this may cause if you must travel, take off work and be away from your family responsibilities for a little while, before signing on to a program.

What are the requirements for entering an online Ph.D. of computer science degree? Typically, at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science is required, although, at this starting level, it may take you extra time to earn your doctorate degree, possibly up to a year more. This type of program allows highly motivated students to get right into the game, conducting research. If you enter after receiving your master’s degree, your online Ph.D. might not take as long, however, can take up to four to six years to complete, depending on your dedication to the online program.

Naturally, admission to a doctoral degree in the computer science program is a competitive process. Online schools will review your GPA and GRE scores before entry. Additionally, be prepared to submit letters of recommendation, a writing sample, and an up-to-date resumé outlining your work experience, as well as, volunteer work.

What will you learn in an online Ph.D. degree program in Computer Science? Your coursework will intensify your knowledge in algorithm analysis, computation theory, web application development, advanced operating systems, networking, and database technologies, as well as, computational intelligence, advanced programming languages, and information systems research methods. Your coursework will also be applicable to your specialization.

Graduation from an online school program requires a dissertation project. In this capacity, you will be requested to apply your extensive knowledge to the field of research and defend a subject related to computer science. Often students must rely on additional skills such as physics or computer engineering to present their best dissertation.

At, we have compiled a list of our choices for the Best Online Schools for Doctor of Computer Science Degree Programs. We hope that our team’s research will help you make an informed decision about your next educational accomplishment. Good luck!