Should I earn my Doctorate of English degree through an online program and will it help my career?

If you have just spent several years in school earning your bachelor’s and master’s degrees, perhaps the last thing on your mind is whether or not to continue your education, however, if you wish to further your career, earning an online Doctorate of English degree will assist you in doing so. You must ask yourself if you have the time, the dedication and the money to invest in a quality program. And, is an online program the way to go?

Now practically speaking, most students would like to know if their future salaries, with an online doctorate degree, will outweigh the cost of attending a doctorate program. You will have to be the judge of that, however, there are other advantages to earning your degree besides the return on your money.

In today’s age of “having it all,” an online Doctorate of English program will give you the flexibility you need to obtain your degree, as well as, maintain a job and take care of your family. Our demanding schedules are the number one excuses for not continuing the education process, however, through an online format, you can work at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Online programs are also just as rigorous and challenging as the on-campus versions. And in some cases, you may even complete it quicker online than in a traditional classroom. You will also have access to your professors when needed, can have one-on-one conversations with fellow students and most online programs provide a student center for you to ask questions with availability 24/7.

In addition, when searching for a graduate degree program, consider the costs involved. Online programs cost less than the traditional brick and mortar university. That’s a huge plus when you are on a tight budget, as well as, managing a household. Through online classes, you will save money on transportation, parking fees, room and board, and perhaps, if you have small children, you will save on daycare expenses, as well.

Upon graduation, the dedication that you have exhibited, while earning your online Doctorate of English degree, will ensure your prospective employer that you have gained the expert knowledge in your field to sufficiently teach or lead others. It will show them that you are self-motivated and can manage your time wisely.

Although money is not everything, undoubtedly, it certainly helps to make life a little easier. With a doctorate degree, you can expect a potentially higher salary within your chosen career. However, depending on your career choice, you may want to research your expected earnings with a doctorate degree before you enter a program to truly see if the cost is worth it to you as you look at the “big picture.”

With your online Doctorate of English degree, you can enjoy the prestigious title, along with all the accolades that come with it. But without a doubt, true satisfaction comes from knowing that you have reached a personal goal.

We have compiled a list of the Top Online Doctorate of English degree programs for your convenience.