How do I earn my online Bachelor of Fire Science degree?

Firefighters are genuine heroes in every community across this nation. They risk their lives daily to save others from the debilitating, and often deadly, effects of fire and smoke inhalation. But, how do they know the proper ways to combat fires, as well as, prevent them? By earning an online Bachelor of Fire Science degree, you will be off to a great start!

Must you earn an academic degree to fight fires? No, typically, if you wish to remain a firefighter throughout your career, a certificate training program will be enough; however, if you would like to be promoted in any capacity, such as in a management or administrative position, an online bachelor’s degree in the field of fire science is highly recommended and most often, a job requirement.

Through an online Bachelor of Fire Science degree program, you will learn leadership skills needed to maintain a station’s group of firefighters. You will also learn about fire prevention, specific fire codes, and fire safety regulations, as well as, the proper ways to handle and dispose of hazardous materials. Fire captains are responsible for hiring competent firefighters, in addition to, the extensive training exercises required for fieldwork.

As the study of fire science can be quite demanding, it is pertinent that each student is enrolled in an accredited online bachelor’s degree program. You must also be confident that you can meet the on-campus requirements, as well. Online course topics may include the legal aspects of fire protection, public safety and relations, fire prevention organization, fire research, fire science hydraulics, department safety, fire analysis, and arson investigation, along with learning advanced supervisory skills.

Your online Bachelor of Fire Science degree program will generally take you about two years to complete once you have earned an associated degree. Some online degree programs are considered “hybrid,” meaning that some on-campus attendance will be necessary; primarily for training workshops or lab requirements. Also, if you have previously earned an online associate degree in fire science, your bachelor’s degree program may be considered a “degree completion” program; therefore, allowing current firefighters who are inspired to obtain a leadership role an opportunity to complete the requirements by earning a bachelor’s degree.

The online portion of your Bachelor of Fire Science degree program will most likely be considered “asynchronous,” allowing you to study when it is convenient for you. As firefighters often work odd hours, online coursework will give you the opportunity to learn at your own pace through recorded lectures, demonstrations and assignments. You can conveniently communicate with other students or faculty through message boards, texts or emails.

Is earning an online bachelor’s degree in the field of fire science a good choice? Yes, if you would like to distinguish yourself from the competition. For a firefighter, a high school education along with proper training may be enough. But shouldn’t you prove to others that you are dedicated, earnest and devoted to your profession? An online bachelor’s degree, or at least a minimum of an associate degree, in fire science is what you need!

At whichever level of degree that you find is right for you, remember that you can build on every step, particularly in the firefighting profession. Do you feel the time is right to advance in your career? If so, please see our selections for the Top 15 Online Schools for Bachelor of Fire Science Degree Programs.