How do I earn an online Doctor of Management degree?

Without a doubt, if you are interested in pursuing an online Doctor of Management degree, your interests fall within the realm of business management, either globally or nationally. You’re also on the forefront of positive change and willing to put forth the time and effort to earn your Ph.D. degree in management to encourage the betterment of corporate America. Obtaining an online doctorate degree in this field is an excellent idea!

Prerequisites needed to enter into a doctoral program of this kind will include a master’s degree in a business-related field, exceptional GRE or GMAT test scores, a personal statement of intent, and letters of recommendations. You will also need to provide a resumé outlining previous work experience and completed research projects, if applicable.

Fortunately, online programs are easily accessible in this field. Earning an online Doctor of Management degree can be a rigorous and lengthy process; therefore, online schools are great for adults who would like to get their degree while maintaining job responsibilities and active family lives. As your online Ph.D. in management program may take you between three to seven years to complete, please be aware that most online programs are hybrids, which will require on-campus attendance in combination with your online syllabus.

Your online doctorate degree program in management will combine research, curriculum and internship experience to instruct students in business management. Your online school program should include coursework in leadership, statistical analysis, strategy formulation and execution, research methods, global business operations, labor relations, and sustainability.

You will also learn about operational planning, behavioral processes and may include training in concentrations, such as human resources, organizational management, and project management. Advanced economics, finances, and leadership courses may be required, as well as, management information systems and technology coursework. Be prepared to present and defend a dissertation project focused on business management.

Since your online Doctor of Management degree is a terminal degree, you can always choose to pursue additional educational opportunities. Specific certifications to help you advance in your career or perhaps fatten your paycheck are undoubtedly available to you, such as the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) accolade, the Certified Professional Manager (CPM) recognition, as well as, certified educational opportunities offered by the American Management Association (AMA). has constructed a list of relevant online school opportunities for you to consider in your quest. Therefore, you should check out our choices for the Best Online Schools for Doctor of Management degree programs.