How do I earn an online Doctorate of Counseling degree?

If you have a heart for service, perhaps you have considered the possibility of a career in counseling. Although online courses to earn a Doctorate of Counseling degree may be limited, you may find a few programs that allow you to do all, or at least some, of your work online. Occasionally, on-campus work will be required which are called hybrid programs, and of course, the completion of your clinical hours will also be required to graduate. If an online option is the only one for you, you may want to consider a post-graduate certificate, that is, if it will be sufficient for your career choice. A typical online doctoral program could take up to five to six years or more to complete, however, an online certificate program will take significantly less.

A degree in counseling can prepare you for several specific fields, such as a clinical psychologist or in the field of education, as a teacher at the university level. Your program will also prepare you for a leadership role, as well.

Coursework involved may consist of classes such as, social psychology, statistics, multicultural issues, group counseling, abnormal psychology, child development, Christian counsel, theory and research methodologies and drama therapy. With these courses, you will excel in learning the basic knowledge on how to hone your research, communication and critical thinking skills to help you be a true professional in your field. You will learn how to apply your skills to help clients solve their problems relating to mental health.

A key factor in being successful in psychology is to develop your understanding of human development including emotions, behavioral, cognitive and mental capabilities. Depending on your interest, you may want to choose an area of concentration such as in the field of mental health policy and practice, grief counseling, school counseling, addictions, gender diversity, gerontology, marriage and family counseling, health psychology or in the field of trauma and disaster relief. Your online Doctorate of Counseling degree program can be tailored to match your interests, passion and career goals. Your degree program will also educate you on the latest techniques in treatments, as well as, how to assess a patient’s mental health and create a treatment plan that is personalized to their needs.

Your online Doctorate of Counseling degree program will require a laptop and a sufficient internet service, along with, the required digital classroom software. You will be able to view lectures or listen to audio recordings, as well as, participate with fellow students through discussion forums and chat rooms. In some programs, you will be provided with a faculty member to act as your mentor, in addition to, an online science lab.

Counselors, depending on your state’s regulations, are required to be licensed or certified in order to practice. Obtaining your online doctorate degree in counseling will help you prepare for testing and licensure.

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