How do I earn an online Ph.D. degree in Organizational Leadership?

Do you enjoy a good research project? If you choose to earn a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, you should be prepared to delve deeper into the theories regarding leadership and management in today’s society. Students often research the analytics and reasoning concepts of others who are training to take on an important leadership role. Through sociology and psychology, you can determine the factors that shape organizational leadership. Ph.D. holders typically teach potential leaders the most effective methods of improving productivity, how to conduct research, managing time wisely, and overall how to become an exceptional and effective leader. If teaching at the university level is not your intentions, you may also choose to pursue a senior level executive position or create a consulting agency.

Can you earn a graduate degree in organizational leadership through an online program? You can; however, it may not be 100% online. Occasionally, you will need to be prepared to attend on-campus classes, as well as, take your exams in person. You can also plan on conducting extensive research, along with drafting a dissertation and defense, which also will require some on-campus attendance.

Would you like to join an online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership program? If so, you should be aware of the prerequisites. Most programs will require a master’s degree, excellent GRE scores, letters of recommendation and a writing example, such as your thesis. You will need to provide a current resumé with proof of work history in which you have held a leadership role. Your program coursework will take about three years to complete and then another two to three years to complete the research and dissertation process, depending on your dedication. Some programs do require a residency.

What will you learn? Through an online Ph.D. of Organizational Leadership program, you can expect to gain many valuable and useful skills. You will focus on the structure of an organization and strategic leadership methods, organizational practices assessments, in addition to, the legalities and ethics of business management. Coursework will also include qualitative and quantitative analysis and research methodology, psychology, sociology, positive steps in motivating employees, statistics and organizational behavior and change. Also, some programs will allow you to choose a specialization, such as in educational leadership, business management, nonprofit or public organizations, international business management or human resources.

As you complete your research-intensive online Ph.D. program in organizational leadership, many doors will open for you, especially in higher academics and professional research. If you wish to produce your publications in the field of organizational leadership, pursuing a Ph.D. degree is also right for you. Also, in the future, if you would like to transition later into corporate management, your impressive accomplishments will elevate you above the rest in a variety of leadership roles.

If you are seeking to improve your academic credentials and expand your knowledge in management, please see our selections for the Best Online Schools for Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership Degree Programs. has compiled this list in hopes of assisting you in locating a program that will ensure your success. Best of luck to you!