How will earning my online Doctorate degree in Education help my career?

Presumably, if you put the time, energy and money into earning an online Doctorate degree in Education, you are wondering what is in it for you, right? After all, the effort you will put forth should provide you with benefits that will make it worth your while.

What will your online Doctorate degree in Education do for you and your career? Well, there are several answers to that question, however, let’s talk about the most popular advantage to earning your doctorate degree… and that would be an increase in earnings. As our teachers are typically underpaid for what they do, you may find that as you continue your education, you will be rewarded with a larger paycheck as higher credentials are earned. With that being said, however, there are many careers that pay more on average than others, so when you are considering earning your online Doctorate degree in Education, be sure to research if your desired position is a good value for the return on your investment. And, sometimes, depending on your career choice, a doctorate degree will not increase your pay at all. In the field of education, occasionally, the knowledge, prestige and credibility earned with your degree will need to be adequate compensation, however, other benefits will make up for it.

With your online Doctorate degree in Education, the intense coursework and knowledge you will gain from it is priceless. You will learn problem-solving skills that employers will appreciate and that you will utilize in your personal life, as well. You will have plenty of opportunities to hone your writing skills, along with, your research and analytical skills. Through a doctoral program, your dissertation or doctoral capstone project will require excellent written skills that will benefit you in your career. In addition, you will be well-versed in oral communication skills, how to be a team player and how to accept criticism or negative feedback to improve your skills. Most employers demand these skills while looking to fill professional positions.

As the owner of a doctorate degree, you will qualify for the top-level positions within education management or within the realm of teaching or research. Through job advancement, you can truly make a difference in your field. If you would like to propose a solution to a community problem in your industry, then your doctorate degree will give you the knowledge, confidence and credibility to do so. An added advantage, is that your doctorate degree, especially in the field of research, can carry you over into other types of careers, if you decide to switch your career focus in the future.

While you are earning your online degree, you will forge lifelong friends and networking contacts that will benefit you the rest of your life. Your fellow students, whether online or on-campus, will all have the same goals you will… to improve themselves professionally, as well as, personally.

Perhaps earning your doctoral degree is primarily to obtain a personal goal. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, your degree will help you in all areas of your personal life and give you the self-confidence and drive you need to be the best you can be.

A doctoral degree is the highest degree you can obtain. As competition in the workplace increases, your desire to earn your online Doctorate degree in Education is an excellent choice… for you and your future students or research efforts.

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