Will earning a Ph.D. in Finance benefit my career?

Earning an online doctorate degree in finance is a serious decision; it is a thought to be carefully considered. The intensity of a doctorate program of any capacity can wreak havoc on the most academic of individuals, therefore, creating feelings of doubts and insecurity about their qualifications. You must find a program that fits your needs, as well as, your personality.

Why do you feel the need to earn an online Doctor of Finance degree? Does your job require it? Do you think you can make more money if you have an online Ph.D. in Finance? When considering a feat as crucial as this, you should be confident that the outcome will outweigh the costs. Below are a few thoughts to consider.

Perhaps most importantly, many students believe that earning a prestigious online Doctor of Finance degree will put more money in the bank. Studies show that in this field, a Ph.D. will not necessarily add zeros to your paycheck. Many career opportunities in finance, such as corporate executives and finance CEO’s do not own a doctorate degree. Often, a master’s degree is sufficient for a management position at the corporate level. Therefore, if you are earning your degree “for the money,” don’t bother. However, with that being said, studies also suggest that doctorate degree holders do make significantly more over a lifetime of employment than master’s degree holders, so, be sure to do your research to see if this will apply in your unique situation and career choice before signing on to a program.

So, if earning an online doctorate degree in finance might not fatten your wallet as expected, what will it do for you? Perhaps job security is a good reason to pursue this type of degree. To employers, the higher a degree you have, the more likely they are to hire you as they will consider you an asset to their establishment or university. Earning a doctorate will undoubtedly allow for an increase in knowledge in the realm of finance. As an expert in your field, your talents and skills will be much appreciated by all prospective employers, without a doubt. But, consider this. Since a Ph.D. in Finance is primarily a research-based degree, will your career interest require it? For prospective university professors or those who would like to conduct research, the answer is a significant yes and probably a requirement for the job. For others, maybe not.

Although online schools which offer Doctor of Finance degree programs may be limited, there are several out there to accommodate your needs. But the cost of a Ph.D. program must be considered, for they are extremely expensive to attend. Also, if you do have family responsibilities, please weigh the time and commitment that a program of this type will demand. Unless you can continue employment while attending online classes, earning a doctorate can be very stressful on your family, as well as, a substantial financial burden. Obtaining an online doctorate degree in finance can take up to four or five years of hard study time, not to mention the rigorous dissertation process.

For those genuinely interested in earning this degree, you should go for it! Wisdom and knowledge will be the key to your success. What are the other benefits? Obtaining an online Doctor of Finance degree will gain you credibility among your peers and employer. Respect will give you the confidence to conquer any task put before you. Earning a doctorate is not for everybody; therefore, you will be in an elite group. As of 2018, only 3% of Americans can claim the prestigious title of “Dr.” before their names.

If you appreciate a good challenge, value your education and would like to have the feeling of self-satisfaction and achievement that no other accolade can provide, you are the perfect candidate for a doctoral program in finance. Opportunities will abound, and you can determine your own future. OnlineSchoolsCenter.com has provided you with some school options to explore. Please consider our list of the Best Online Schools for Doctor of Finance Degree Programs.