What sort of educational requirements do I need to be an Interior Designer?

A career in interior design is exciting and fun, and to see your creative ideas come to fruition and please a client is overwhelmingly rewarding. As you are expected to find technical and creative ways to design a space, your formal training will allow you the knowledge and confidence needed to land you the job of your dreams.

The preferred degree for an Interior Designer is a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and programs in this field are readily available through an online format. Typical coursework involved in this type of program consists of learning about color, the fundamentals of design and textiles, materials and construction, psychology and color, in addition to, space planning, computer-generated drafting techniques and 3-D design. You will also learn about the importance of the relationship between interior and exterior design, how to read blueprints, lighting techniques, visual and design communications, furniture and other decorative item selections and placement, as well as, the architectural history of noteworthy buildings, furniture and homes.

In addition, your coursework will include the business fundamentals used in interior design such as, the preparation of contracts, accounting basics and the proper way to estimate a job and prepare for a presentation. Other business concepts include coursework on building codes and safety regulations, meeting deadlines and the importance of leadership skills to help you manage construction crews and assistants. You will learn marketing techniques and how to create informative websites which are also important in promoting your business.

Through your online Bachelor’s program in Interior Design, you will learn how to effectively handle clients and negotiations, develop communication skills to ensure that you understand your client’s vision, along with, participating in project management opportunities to get some hands-on experience.

And, speaking of hands-on experience, your online Bachelor of Interior Design program may require you to participate in an internship. If so, you will have an excellent opportunity to showcase what you have learned, in addition to, gaining valuable experience from an employer or mentor in the field of interior design.  Valuable references and customer referrals can be obtained through a successful internship experience.

Through your degree program, you will also learn the importance of creating a portfolio of your work. Pro bono projects that you do for free will help you obtain a picture portfolio of your work. You can start out by re-designing your own home or for friends and family. Non-profit organizations or small businesses are often on board with allowing you to work your magic for the experience you need, therefore, you will have some projects under your belt when you decide you are ready for paying customers.

Licensure is required by some states. If needed, you must pass a state-approved examination called the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam. Typically, to take the exam, you must have obtained your online Bachelor of Interior Design degree, as well as, completed at least two years of on-the-job training.

Continuing education opportunities are a must for the Interior Designer. It will be important for you to stay up-to-date and current in your designs. Earning special certifications will display your knowledge and dedication to be the best in your craft.

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