How do I establish my own business as an Interior Designer?

With the uncertainty of today’s economy, it can be a little scary taking a leap of faith to establish your own interior design business. But, if you are confident that you have the necessary education, such as an online Master’s in Interior Design degree under your belt, you can be satisfied that you are ready. Now, what can you do to ensure your success? What are the first steps you should take to achieve your goal?

Experience will be the key to your success, without a doubt. Most clients prefer to work with individuals who have a diverse portfolio and the skills needed to do an exemplary job at a reasonable price. Your online master’s degree in interior design combined with your experience will undoubtedly qualify you for the job.

When trying to get your feet off the ground running a new business, you must know who your target clients are and what kinds of marketing techniques will benefit you the most. Will you create a business website or email campaigns? Or, advertise on television and social media?

You will need to create an innovative and exceptional portfolio to show potential clients. Are you experienced in making presentations, constructing contracts, and sealing the deal? If not, brush up on your salesperson skills.

Protect your reputation. The best advertising you can get is by those who have used your services and are willing to recommend you to others. Always do an exceptional job and keep your end of the bargain and be punctual, polite and respectful to your clients, even in times of disagreement.

Any additional educational opportunities you have to improve yourself in your field, you should take advantage of, no doubt. Certification courses are readily available, as well as; trade shows that allow you to learn and advertise your services.

Do you have an office? Do you need a workplace to go to, or would you prefer to work from home? Do you need a showroom to display your designs? Depending on your type of design business, you will want to consider what kind of space and, perhaps rent that your business will require. Check with your neighborhood association to see if running a business from your residence is allowed, if that is your preference. Other overhead expenses to consider are utility budgets, insurance premiums, and vehicle costs. And, of course, you will also need to have a license, in most states, to practice interior design, as well as, a business license.

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