What is Fire Science?

As the name implies, an online bachelor’s degree in fire science prepares students to become firefighters, a dangerous but rewarding career that saves thousands of lives each year in the United States alone. Students will learn about the typical causes of fire, along with strategies for putting out fires, how to identify if a building or other structure meets fire code structure, and fire prevention basics, among many other topics. Students may also touch on other general issues related to a firefighter’s daily responsibilities to round out their bachelor’s degree requirements, such as chemistry, physics and computer science.

And, yes, there is a real science” to effectively fighting fires. The combination of oxygen, fuel and a heat source can ignite causing extensive damage very quickly, if not extinguished immediately. A firefighter must learn how fires start, where they can begin and the best methods for putting them out. Your online Bachelor of Fire Science degree program will instruct you about the scientific approaches to firefighting that you should know.

Before the rise of online education, students typically earned a fire science degree at a community college or technical institution. Today, students can receive a Bachelor of Fire Science degree online, making it easier for them to set their schedule and learn on a timetable that works for them. While most curriculum can be taught in an online environment, including lectures, assignments, and exams, students are required to make the occasional on-site campus visits to complete the physical performance requirements.

In addition to obtaining a fire science degree, firefighters must complete other training as well, including an emergency medical technician certification. Firefighters must also complete a traditional job interview and an extensive physical test before being allowed to join the force.

Your online bachelor’s degree program in fire science will allow you to give back to your community. Citizens will look to you for fire safety and you, as well, will reap the rewards. Furthermore, you can use your online bachelor’s degree as a stepping stone for further educational opportunities, such as earning your master’s degree. Positions such as in administration or management will be available for you if you so choose. Also, the firefighter doesn’t always only save human lives. They’ve been known to protect our furry friends, as well, from dangerous situations, such as being stranded upon the highest tree limb!

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