Why should I get a Master’s degree in Social Work?

Social work is a calling for those who seek this career path. Social workers help adults and children dealing with incredible hardships, including poverty, unemployment, drug addiction, neglect or abuse.

A Master’s degree could expand your career choices down the road. If your goal is to be in a managerial role or to work at a private practice, many states require a Master’s degree. Social workers who want to switch to a clinical focus or work in the health care sector will also benefit from an online Master’s in Social Work. And with more career options, comes additional earning power. According to a survey by NASW Workforce Center, professionals with a Master’s in Social Work can earn up to an average of $60,000, compared to the average $40,100 a social worker with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Work earns.

Master’s programs can vary in length but generally can take anywhere from two or three years to complete. When selecting a school, make sure it’s accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. After earning your Master’s licensing can vary based on location. Generally, graduate students will be expected to take the ASWB masters exam either prior to or right after graduation.

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