How do graduation rates differ between online and traditional schools?

No student applies to college with the thought of not finishing their degree, but for many students, graduation isn’t in the cards – and graduation rates are an important factor when choosing a school. So, why do people quit school before they have earned their degree? Some tire of attending classes, others have to drop out to care for themselves or their families. Others cannot continue their education without taking out loans – and those can cause many a student to throw in the towel.

Recent research suggests that online learners have higher dropout rates than traditional students. However, this research is limited and sometimes contradictory. In some cases, it found that students did finish their degrees, just not on the same timetable as students attending classes in brick-and-mortar institutions. Unlike attending traditional classes, online learning is built on flexibility, allowing students to learn at their own pace, and this could lead to both longer completion time as well as dropping out.

When selecting an online program, surf their website and look for completion rates. If rates are higher than others, that might mean it’s the right choice for you, based on program flexibility or cost.

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