Is there a high job demand for people with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design?

So, you are looking to get your Bachelor of Arts degree and go into Graphic Design and you want to know if there is any demand out there in that area of expertise. The answer, in short, is YES! From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for Graphic Designers will increase in numbers to around 13 percent in the coming year. Website Animation is one area that is expected to grow more than most. Advertisers also need people to develop web advertising, marketing, arts. Oftentimes, arts degree graduates will lead the way through in other areas, such as, social programs, hospitality, and even are qualified to work in Business Administration. The opportunities are endless.

There are, definitely, benefits in taking your time and getting your degree in Graphic Design. Some people just jump in and try to wing it without a college degree, but people with the degree in hand easily move forward to the front of the line. From what we understand, the data says that over 85 percent to 90 percent of the employers looking for Graphic Designers are wanting to see a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Graphic Design field.

Other types of Graphic Design jobs includes E-Commerce, Photoshop Artist, Design, Marketing Coordinator, Brand Designer, Logo Designer, Art Director, just to give a few ideas. A lot of Graphic Designers decide to go out on their own and freelance. You are going to find that a lot of the available jobs are going to be in some way, shape or form in the Marketing field. You could be able to provide a visual solution to communication problems with the wonderful skills you picked up by getting your online Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design.

The average wage for a Graphic Designer in 2008 was around $43,000, although it ranged from around $35,000 on up into around $60,000. Today, the basic salary has come up by around $8,000 dollars to around $51,300 for a national average with a minimum of around $31,000 to a maximum of around the $95,000. Being that the growth rate of thirteen percent is the average every year, you can expect that the pay averages will continue to climb also.

Where is the most demand for Graphic Designers? Well, the most demand is in the New York area, in which they have around 50 percent more than the next in line, Los Angeles. What salary you make as a Graphic Designer can vary as to where you live also. We have seen the salary vary as much as $25,000 from the highest to the lowest at the average level in each state. The average salary in New York is between $64,000 and $70,000, where in Ohio the salary is $50,000 to $55,000. You need to keep in mind when looking at these numbers, that the cost of living varies greatly from city to city to go along with the increase or decrease in salary.

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