How long will it take to become certified as a real estate agent?

Being a real estate agent is a dream job for a lot of people because of the fact that there are no boundaries as to what you can accomplish. What other jobs do you know that have no top out pay and what you earn is what you what you put into it? The only limit you have is the limit you place on yourself. You can get yourself in a class that teaches you all the basic “need to know” information in order to pass the state exam and there you go, you’re a licensed realtor, OR you can go further with your education all the way up to having a master’s degree in real estate. There are several accomplished, successful realtors out there with their master’s in real estate. With little or no set boundaries on realtors pay, anything giving you the advantage is a huge plus!

The length of time required to become a certified real estate agent can vary, depending on several factors. Even from state to state the educational requirements to become a real estate agent varies. The hours required to get your license will vary from 45 hours to 75 hours depending on the state. Most of these courses can be completed in a couple of weeks followed by a state real estate exam you will have to pass in order to get your license.

Selling houses and handling the negotiations between the buyer and the seller, are what licensed real estate agents are known for, however, there are several other areas that a real estate agent can be qualified for. If the direction you choose to go is by way of getting your master’s degree in real estate, you would qualify for several more positions. For instance, rental house management, apartment managers, working for investment groups, management of portfolios, real estate development firms, and institutions such as banks, or even commercial development. With the master’s degree in real estate, you start several steps ahead of the basic average real estate agent with only a couple of months of schooling.

If you plan to take your real estate position to new levels, the master’s in real estate is the way to go. You can achieve your master’s in real estate in two years with courses offered through several well known colleges and universities with most offering the master’s in real estate online. These real estate master’s programs cover subjects that you may not get in the basic real estate courses that are offered such as, real estate development, real estate science, income analysis, sustainable construction practices, and market research.  

No matter what level of education you choose to accomplish in real estate, it is totally up to how much effort you decide to invest in the process. Once you have become an agent and have worked in the field for a little while, you can even become a real estate broker and have agents come work under you which, in turn, opens up even more opportunities down the road.  

We’ve compiled a list of the top online schools in real estate that will help aid towards getting that master’s degree!