How do I become a Human Services Manager?

How would you like to make a profound difference in your community? Most people would agree that if they could help, they would. If you have a caring heart, perhaps a career in Human Services is a good fit for you. With your online Master’s degree in Human Services, you will find that a position as a Human Services Manager is a rewarding and fulfilling career.

The Human Services Manager typically oversees and provides leadership for a human services agency, either as an office manager or management team member who meets important deadlines, creates and implements new programs and improves the client’s overall experience. In times of crisis, such as natural disasters, inclement weather or holidays, you may be called on to help wherever needed. You may be expected to deliver encouraging speeches or pen some inspirational writing, as well.

Some of the duties required of the Human Services Manager may include working with other leadership personnel in other organizations, handling budgets and accounting matters, planning employee work schedules, meetings and other human resource issues, interacting with the public who are in need, in addition to, acting as a liaison between your clients and the agency all while working to improve their quality of life.

When a client enters a Human Services Agency, they have a need. While sometimes awkward, uncomfortable or just plain embarrassed, your client deserves your ultimate respect and consideration to help them remedy their problem with the best possible solution. Although sometimes a challenge, providing help often requires the use of tax payer’s money, therefore, making you responsible for solving problems with minimum cost.

A career in Human Services requires a critical thinker, along with good communication skills and a dedication to helping those in need. This is an extremely important and significant position. Many people will depend on you for following proper protocol, especially regarding privacy, ethical and legal issues. You will be responsible for running your agency with efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Most careers in Human Services can be obtained by earning your bachelor’s degree in the areas of social work, human services, sociology or psychology. However, if you wish to obtain a managerial position, the online Master’s degree in Human Services or related area of specialization is the preferred degree. You will be glad you went the extra mile when it comes time to distribute your resume as your master’s degree credential will give you a competitive edge that others won’t have. If you currently have a bachelor’s degree, then earning your online Master’s degree in Human Services will assure you that a leadership promotion is in your future.

The Human Services Manager position will earn an average salary from between $56,310 – $94,560 per year, depending on experience, job location, educational degree and your time with an agency.

If you are interested in a career geared towards helping people, then perhaps you would be interested in checking out our Top 15 Online Schools for Master’s of Human Services Degree Programs. A career as a Human Services Manager will provide you with a gratifying profession.