Should I intern while earning my online Communications degree?

While earning your online communications degree, internships, quite possibly, can be the most valuable stepping stone in your educational journey. After you have determined what career path you are going to take, you should definitely take advantage of an internship, if the option is made available to you. In some instances, an internship is required to obtain sufficient credits for your degree. This is the best way to gain valuable work experience within the communications field while you are continuing your education before entering into the job market.

What is the first qualification that employers look for when reviewing your resume’? That’s right, experience. The competition out there in the real world is sometimes very competitive, therefore, why should an employer hire you when there are plenty of other candidates which already have work experience, even if it’s just a little bit? So, the communications internship will give you the work experience that employers are seeking.

If you are enrolled in an online communications degree program, you may need to do your own internship search, however, please check to make sure your prospective employer is approved by your online school advisor before accepting the position. Many universities and online programs provide their students with opportunities through co-op systems with their supporters. They have companies that they work closely with and are already familiar with employers that are actively looking for interns to fill their positions. If you are already employed by a company in a communication’s related position, then you may be able to use your current job to help you earn your internship credits, however, your employer will need to be approved by your online advisor.

As with traditional universities, your internship will be subject to verification from your employer, as well as job performance updates. Most employers pay an hourly wage to their interns in addition to your earned credits.

A major newspaper in your city would be an excellent internship opportunity for the print journalist. This is a good place to learn the ropes of the news room. Or, perhaps you would like to be in front of the camera; a television network internship would allow a variety of opportunities to explore your desire to be a broadcaster or reporter.

Many non-profit organizations use communication specialist to market their cause. Interns, in this realm, typically work for companies that rely on donations and, therefore, they utilize students to advertise the organization’s community involvement. This is a great way to support a cause that you’re enthusiastic and passionate about.

Have you got a favorite sports team? Many communication majors are interested in working within the sports or entertainment field. Perhaps a marketing position at a ball field complex or an entertainment convention center would be a good fit for you.

If you are interested in a communications oriented internship, then you should be prepared to work hard and should, of course, be familiar with the basics of your craft. Again, the experience that you will gain while working in an internship program will benefit you immensely and put a little money in your pocket, too!

The Top Online Bachelor’s of Communications Degree Programs are available for you to peruse and find the program that is the right fit for you!