Should I work an Internship while earning my Certification in Medical Billing and Coding?

Internships are a very important step in your educational journey. While completing your medical billing and coding program, working an internship is one of the most advantageous opportunities that you may want to consider. As a graduate from a medical billing and coding program, students normally do not have any practical work experience unless they have worked an internship. Without on-the-job experience, employers are typically hesitant to hire you. Competition between other students vying for the same position can be brutal, therefore, the benefits of working an internship is unlimited.

An internship allows you to gain valuable knowledge and actual professional work experience within the medical billing and coding field while you continue your education, allowing you to get an inside glimpse of the day-to-day operations of your chosen career. Once your certification is achieved, your resume will be impressive with some experience under your belt. Employers will consider you first as a potential employee.

Colleges and universities go to great lengths to assure that their students are successful and can obtain gainful employment upon graduation. Your best chances for fulfilling your dream career is to work an internship that best relates to the field you wish to pursue.

Most online or community colleges have job boards or predetermined employers that they work with to offer job opportunities to their students, however, if you find an internship on your own, be sure to contact your Career Counselor for approval. Your new employer will be required to report your progress to your school to complete your school credit. Some employers pay a small salary to internship students, in addition to school credit, but some do not. If you do get paid, then that’s just a bonus! You will get school credit and a little money in your pocket, too…What could be better than that?

There are many businesses that you may want to consider when looking for an internship in the medical billing and coding field. Some suggestions would be to inquire at your local community hospital, doctor’s office, nursing homes, physical therapy and chiropractor offices, outpatient clinics or The Red Cross. The primary duties of an internship may include working with patient accounts, working with insurance claims, in addition to, invoicing and collecting outstanding customer balances. In most cases, you will be working under supervision.

You should always do the best job that you can, always have a good attitude and always be prompt and be willing to go the extra mile. Show them that you can be a team player. A good reference from your internship employer will be invaluable on your resume after graduation. A complementary reference portraying you as the ideal employee will be priceless when you enter the job market.

To conclude, if you are offered the opportunity of an internship, then you should, no doubt, take advantage of it. In some cases, the school’s program may require it before graduating their program. And don’t forget that prospective employers will appreciate it, as well. For more information related to Medical Billing and Coding programs, see our list of top 20 accredited online schools to help you in your endeavors.