Should I work an internship while earning my online Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration?

One of the most useful and beneficial things you can do for yourself and your future career is to take advantage of any internship opportunities you may be offered while earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. In some cases, it may be a requirement for graduation. An internship affords you the benefits of acquiring valuable real-world work experience over others that decide to not take advantage of this option.

Most online schools have the means to help you locate an internship that is right for you. They work closely, through networking, with businesses in your area that have a need for students like you, with an interest in gaining the experience, as well as, working for school credits. In some cases, you may be allowed to obtain an internship opportunity on your own, however, if you do, please check with your Career Counselor, for approval so you can get the hard-earned credits you deserve.

Typically, progress reports on your work performance will be required and although some internships do not pay a salary, some actually do, allowing you to earn school credit, as well as, a little cash in your pocket. You must always strive to do your best while working an internship. Always be punctual, be a team player and go the extra mile to prove your worth to the company. Many times, just emptying the trash cans without being asked to can show that you have initiative and potential to your employer.

While earning your online Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree and working your internship, you may find that your job responsibilities are not as exciting and interesting as you thought they would be. Or perhaps, the job environment is not to your liking. Often, working an internship will give you the opportunity to decide if your interest in business administration is really where your passion lies. Or perhaps, through your internship, you are exposed to some other job descriptions that even peak your interest more. Internships help you see what the work environment is like in the field of business administration. You can learn the ins and outs of your craft, brush up on the latest and greatest in technology, discover what sort of work ethic is required of you, how to dress appropriately, as well as, proper social behavior in the workplace. Internships can help you decide what career is best for you… or not!

If you do a good job, your employer may decide to keep you on staff after graduation. Or, if you need a complimentary reference letter, then your employer will be happy to oblige. A positive work performance review will help you in your future job search, no doubt. Practical work experience will make you more marketable in today’s workforce. The competition can be extreme, so, employers are looking for experienced graduates, as they are in hopes that new employees with experience are less risky than those without, of course. While earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, your internship will help you to get priority consideration after graduation.

Working an internship may be the best experience of your college education, however, they are also a perfect way to gain the experience you need to demonstrate your capabilities in a demanding environment. Take advantage of every opportunity you have… for it will mean a lot to potential employers.

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