Will participating in an internship program help me while earning my online Bachelor’s of Sociology degree?

Depending on your online Bachelor’s of Sociology degree program, you may or may not be required to work an internship as a graduation requirement. If given a choice, go for it! You will NOT regret it. Internship programs are designed to provide undergraduate students invaluable work encounters in the field of sociology. You will be allowed to truly experience what it is like to work in an actual work environment, along with, the duties of those related to sociology.

Perhaps your wondering exactly how you can be involved in an internship while earning your education through an online program. Online programs, although convenient, they also realize how extremely important internships are to their students, therefore, they do not want to deprive their students of the opportunity. Many schools work with businesses or clinics that are in your area who are looking for interns to help in their organizations. Some examples of intern opportunities may be found in state or federal government agencies, local healthcare clinics, human resource offices, in addition to, correctional facilities. Internship options can be found at job or internship fairs, through advertised opportunities or through your network of friends, family or past employers.

Internships may provide a little change in your pocket with a small, minimum wage being paid for your efforts, however, earning a salary is not your goal here. Even if you do not get paid, your goal in completing an internship is to take advantage of the experience and skillset you will learn while working out there in the real world. In addition, you will receive academic credit for your efforts. If you do get paid, that is just icing on the cake!

The internship will provide the student with an opportunity to use the knowledge that you have gained through your online Bachelor of Sociology degree program. And, in fact, some students find that their experience may prompt them to completely change their career direction or goals. It will be much better to find out during the internship process that sociology may not be for you rather than waiting till after graduation and regretting your career choice. In addition, perhaps you may find that another area of concentration is better suited to your personality and interest; now would be the time to change your focus, if needed.

Do your best to impress your internship employer. Go the extra mile and do the menial tasks that nobody wants to do, like emptying the trash cans or cleaning the restroom. Doing those types of tasks without being asked shows initiative and responsibility. Be sure to dress and act professionally always. Be punctual and polite. Don’t forget that your employer will be “grading” you on your work performance. For you to get the credit you deserve, you must be able to showcase your talents in a positive way.

Upon graduation, your resumé will look impressive if you have taken advantage of an internship opportunity, especially if it was not a requirement in your program. It will show prospective employers that you are committed to your craft and have put forth the time and effort to improve your skills. It will show them that you have the confidence you need and that you’re a team player. And if you are happy with your internship experience, in some instances, employment is offered upon graduation with the same company. If you need personal or work references, your internship employer can help you with those, as well. An internship may very well be the most positive experience of your degree program!

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