Is a minor just as important as my major?

minoring in college

Deciding on a major to earn while you are pursuing an online undergraduate degree can be a daunting task. You are expected to have an idea, after high school graduation, what your post-secondary coursework should entail, correct? Often, students are not sure what their major should be, so, how is one to choose a minor, as well? Is a minor required to graduate? At some colleges and universities, earning a minor is a requirement; however, in some, it is not needed.

As a major, you naturally will choose a topic that interests you, one that you can sink your teeth into, and one that might be a potential career for you. You must declare a major to graduate. A minor degree should also be something you are interested in, perhaps as an extension to your major. A minor degree can expand your range of study and complement the knowledge you are gaining in your major.

How do you choose a minor study? Most students are interested in many topics. If you have the opportunity to earn a minor, you should. It will give you the chance to learn more about a subject that truly matters to you. It could also lead to a double major or second degree for you. In the second field of study, you will spend less time; however, earning a minor degree could pay off remarkably in the long run. For example, if you intend to work in the healthcare field, perhaps a minor in business would be useful in the future if you would like to enter healthcare administration. Also, a minor degree in a foreign language, such as Spanish would be very helpful. You should put some careful consideration into a minor degree. Think about your future goals, which company or what sort of industry you would like to work for ultimately, and what qualifications will appeal to a potential employer the most.

Why should you pursue a minor? Earning a minor is especially crucial for when students begin preparing for their job search after graduation. Potential employers may be more interested in offering you a job if you have a varied skill set. If you are competing for a position, the right minor degree can put you a step above the other applicant, one in which your skills are equal to otherwise.

Will employers be impressed with your minor degree? Yes, but naturally your major is of utmost importance to them; however, to put forth extra effort into something you are passionate about will show them your determination, enthusiasm, and tenacity for the subject. It could be the one accolade that gets you the job of your dreams!

So, is choosing a minor just as important as your major degree?  Perhaps, it’s not as important, but it could be a significant choice if you intend to use it for your benefit in the job market.


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