Is double majoring a good idea with an online degree?

double majoring in college

Double majors… Isn’t it hard enough to earn one major, not to mention… two? That’s what most students assume; however, double majoring has long been a way that undergraduate students could make themselves stand out amongst the sea of other students. And besides, what if you are interested in two subjects? How do you decide which one to pursue? Can they both benefit you in your future job search? If so, go for it!

If you are committed to double majoring, how long will it take? Finishing a double major within four years is possible; however, it will take careful planning on your part. But, the actual grueling schedule of earning the two majors might not be as easy. Although you can expect more significant rewards with two majors, you can also expect double the work.

If you plan early, you can get ahead by knowing which prerequisites will be required for each of your majors; therefore, getting them knocked out in year one or two. If you wait, you could be faced with satisfying prerequisites down the road; hence, adding another semester or two. Not only have you wasted time, but also money in an extra semester. Double majoring can also mean additional costs in tuition and books.

Earning a double major through an online format can ease the burden as you can work on your classwork at your leisure, especially when working on two majors. Time management is a crucial component as two capstone projects may be required, but you are in control through online distance learning. As you ponder on the required electives you need, make sure that the credits are used wisely. It’s to your advantage to integrate courses when possible. Look for any overlap and make sure your electives are counting towards one of your majors to get the most out of your time and financial investment.

Will obtaining a double major help you in your career? Honestly, the more knowledge you have in a subject, the better off you are. Will your two majors complement each other? If so, this should assist you in your job search. Are your two majors unrelated? If so, then you will have skills for two career opportunities.  Perhaps, if one doesn’t work out, maybe the other one will. If you would like to make a job change at a later date, then you have that option, as well. Whichever way you go, earning two majors is ideal if you can focus and use your time wisely.

But, suppose you cannot correctly dedicate the sufficient time needed to both major programs? In this scenario, you should focus your efforts on doing the best you can in one major. Don’t let your distraction of one major affect your performance in another, therefore, bringing down your GPA. It might be a better option to pick one field of study and then save the second field of study for a graduate degree down the road.

Earning a double major has its advantages, as well as, disadvantages. It is imperative to work with a school advisor from the onset when considering earning two majors, for planning is crucial in this matter.



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