What types of job opportunities and salary can I earn with an online Bachelor of Human Resources degree?

The field of human resources covers a wide variety of employment opportunities, and for a good reason. It’s hard for one person to do every aspect of taking care of an employee’s needs, especially if the industry is vast.

Often corporations will hire human resources managers.  They oversee each department that is focused on a specific aspect that falls under the responsibility of the “human resources department.” A human resources manager hires department heads and employees to ensure that all personnel is assisted correctly, such as, in the field of recruiting new employees, processing payroll and employee benefits, or for those who need help in solving disputes within the company. An online Bachelor of Human Resources degree is required for this leadership position, and the average salary is $110,120 annually, according to the BLS, as of May 2017. Although some companies will hire you with an online bachelor’s degree in human resources for this position, some may also require a master’s degree. If this is a position you aspire to achieve, think about continued education opportunities and earning certifications whenever possible.

The most popular areas of human resources lie within the individual aspects, as previously mentioned. An online Bachelor of Human Resources degree will earn you an entry-level position in many concentrations. The benefits and compensation specialist is primarily hired to ensure that employees are adequately paid, whether it is by regular and overtime wages due to them or by other types of benefits, such as vacation time or sick leave. Due to the complicated laws governing employee healthcare benefits, a specialist in this field must also excel in the rules and regulations concerning health, life and disability insurance. The average pay for the benefits and compensation specialist, according to the BLS in May 2017, was $119,120 annually, depending on experience.

A training and development manager earned approximately $108,250 per year as of May 2017, according to the BLS. With an online Bachelor of Human Resources degree and five years of experience, you can earn a lucrative living in this position. They are tasked with developing and coordinating training programs for newly hired employees. Training managers also make sure that a company is meeting all industry and safety standards, as they conduct safety meetings and meet insurance requirements.

A human resource recruiter must be a good judge of character, as they are continually on the search for new talent with the right qualifications. As you will focus on filling job openings with the right people, you can earn upwards of $114,140 per year, depending on your experience. Your job may entail travel and extended business hours as you conduct extensive interviews and searches to meet the needs of an organization’s staff.

As we know, competent and happy employees are the backbone of the success for any industry, without a doubt. If you are interested in this important branch of business, please see our list for the Best Online Schools for Bachelor of Human Resources Degree Programs.