What types of jobs are available in catering with my online certificate as a caterer?

What would you like to do with your online certificate in catering? Have you dreamed of running your own business? Or, perhaps do you envision yourself working in the hospitality field, as a catering manager at a posh resort? Follow your dreams and begin an online certificate program to be a caterer today!

For the experienced culinary expert, establishing your own catering business is the way to go, without a doubt. Would you like to be your own boss.? There are many factors that go into your average annual salary in this capacity, such as your culinary skills, reputation, and your client list.

The title of “caterer” can cover a multitude of job descriptions, as caterers are a necessary part of hospitality, restaurant and event planning businesses. The BLS states that as of May 2017, the average pay for a Chef or Head Cook is approximately $46,000 per year. A Food Service Manager’s average salary can range from between $57,250 to upwards of $90,000 annually. Event, Meeting and Convention Planners earn $48,290 per year.

As a caterer that establishes their own business, you will be responsible for meeting the culinary needs of your clients, offering a varied menu, as well as, adhering to the dietary needs of all sorts. You will be responsible for delivering a delicious meal to your client’s venue in a timely manner, in addition to, providing a wait staff and clean up services, in most cases.

If you are working for a catering company, perhaps a position as a catering manager is for you. In this capacity, you can enjoy your culinary career without the financial responsibility of being a business owner. You can oversee the catering process, as well as, incorporate your sales and marketing techniques to obtain new clients. You will focus on customer service and use your managerial skills. Manager’s duties also include hiring, estimating food costs and proposals, in addition to, creating fun and interesting menus.

As a catering assistant, your duties may include serving patrons, overseeing buffets and setting up for parties and wedding receptions. You will be involved in the planning process and expected to provide exceptional customer service.

Are you prepared for a career as a caterer? Catering can be a stressful job choice. Often, meeting deadlines can be hard to achieve, and anything can go wrong. If you are a good problem solver in a pinch, you should do fine. Catering can also be physically demanding as you will often be required to transport equipment to the venue, lift heavy boxes and stand on your feet for hours preparing food. There are no set work hours for the caterer. You will be expected to work odd hours preparing for events and, most often, on nights, weekends and holidays. Your online certificate program for catering will prepare you for workplace safety, as kitchen activities can be hazardous at times.

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