What kind of career can I have with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science?

The field of political science is an important one and getting a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science could help change the world. As an undergraduate student, you’ll learn to understand and analyze how government programs currently work and serve people and find ways to influence or make these programs better.

Luckily, people who pursue a political science degree have a wide range of career options available to them, and income can vary by profession. Obviously, getting a job in the government sector is the first possibility. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 55 percent of people with a political science background were employed by the federal government position in 2015. This didn’t include state and local forms of government.

Many people with a political science degree find themselves drawn to advocacy, which involves speaking up for others who don’t have a voice or changing policies to be more inclusive to those in need. Many people who want to take on an advocate-type role will work for or alongside non-profit entities. Becoming a lobbyist is also an opportunity for a political science major to work different forms of government, helping raise money for policies and other important causes. Law is another option for political science majors. The undergraduate degree could serve as a firm foundation before moving on to law school and then onto a job as a lawyer or judge.

Other career options could include campaign staff, city planner, data scientist, freelance writer, government studies professor, mediator, paralegal, policy analyst, political commentator, research analyst, or state legislator. You are not limited when you select this degree!

Depending on the online program, it could take up to four years to earn your Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Current schools offering online programs include Grand Canyon University, Capella University and Keiser University.

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