Do I need a law degree or law certification to work in the field of Human Resources?

Have you ever had a horrible experience in the workplace? Perhaps, a co-worker or authority figure has spoken to you in a demeaning tone, or you feel you have been unfairly mistreated? Have you been sexually harassed at work? Do you think your termination was unjustified? Or, perhaps, your employer did not pay you overtime or holiday pay like they were required to do. Many, many things can go wrong when you are expected to cohabitate with numerous other people daily. It’s inevitable!

Many employees that experience these unfortunate situations do not know their rights. As a result, an employee should go directly to a human resources specialist. In this position, the HR manager is typically trained, through an online Bachelor of Human Resources degree program, to adequately answer their questions, as well as, assist them in filing a formal complaint, get results and solve the issue.

If you aspire to be in the field of human resources within the realm of handling employee complaints, you should be prepared. In addition to earning an online bachelor’s degree in the area of human resources, there are certifications available to help you demonstrate your credibility, competence, and dedication to your craft.

Certifications that concentrate on the subject of “law” in the workplace are designed to educate you on employment legislation, as well as, the legal and ethical aspects of employment that is handled within the human resources department. You’ll learn about privacy issues, employee benefits, sexual harassment claims, discrimination claims, in addition to, the employee’s rights and how to effectively negotiate and mediate between all involved parties. Law-related certifications also focus on worker’s compensation laws, risk management, and compliance laws. A broad and comprehensive look into this area of expertise is necessary to become an exceptional human resources manager.  A certification program can help you with that!

Furthermore, perhaps this area of expertise is one you would like to focus on full-time. Although your online Bachelor of Human Resources degree program and certifications will assist you in your job duties, perhaps you would like to become an employment lawyer.  Employment attorneys are experts that uphold the rights of all employees and fight on their behalf to be treated fairly.

In this position, you will need to take another educational path. As with all other types of lawyers, an employment attorney must have a Juris Doctorate degree and pass the bar exam. To begin your career as a practicing attorney, you will need some practical experience in the field. Obtaining entry-level employment through a company’s human resources department is an excellent way to gain the knowledge and exposure you need.

Employment lawyers can represent their clients in many areas, such as in worker’s compensation claims, unlawful termination, sexual harassment claims or workplace discrimination, among other topics. They review contracts, negotiate on the employee’s behalf, and play the role of mediator to solve disputes. An employment lawyer’s salary can range from between $65,000 to upwards of $175,000 per year, depending on experience.

So, do you need a law license to excel in the field of human resources? No, you do not, unless you would like to become an employment lawyer. Will training and certifications in the field of law help you be a better human resources specialist? It absolutely will! If you are interested in this lucrative field, please see our selections for the Best Online Schools for Bachelor of Human Resources Degree Programs that we have compiled for your convenience.