What will I learn in an online certificate program for Locksmithing?

How many times have you locked yourself out of your car? Most of us have done that a time or two and had to use the services of a Locksmith. They often help people who find themselves stranded, standing next to the car, staring at their keys in the ignition, totally dumbfounded. While secretly willing our keys to jump out of the car and into our hands, we are wondering what to do next. Gone are the days that a coat hanger is any help! Your favorite Locksmith’s phone number on speed dial is always a good idea!

If you are interested in this profession (and being a tremendous help to others, no doubt,) you will be glad to know that you can earn a professional certificate in locksmithing relatively easy through your local community college or vocational school.  Although rare, you may be able to locate a program online or, at least, a hybrid program to allow you to do most of your studies online, along with, hands-on training in the classroom. A certificate program typically will take less than one year to complete, however, apprenticeship training may last several years, depending on your progress.

In general, Locksmiths are professionals in the security business. As one would expect, this profession requires that one pass an extensive criminal background check with flying colors to attend a locksmithing program.

There are several areas of locksmithing that you will need to be familiar with, although, some choose to specialize in one particular concentration. Generally, you will be trained in security involving residential homes, commercial buildings, as well as, bank vault/safe and automotive applications.

Through your locksmithing online coursework, you will learn the fundamentals, such as, using locksmithing tools, how to duplicate keys, the different types of locks, access control systems, picking locks, locking hardware and door frame preparation, high security locks and deadbolts, as well as, safe and vault locking services.

Your program should also cover courses related to the cutting, design and alignment of keys and training in the creation and function of master keys and key systems, in addition to, tumbler and cylinder locks. You will also learn how to decode a lock, lock drilling techniques and how to handle forced entry situations.

In addition, you will be instructed on wired and wireless alarm systems and their electronic functions in home and commercial systems. The automotive locksmithing portion of your course will focus on locks pertaining to all types of auto door locks, as well as, the electrical systems involved, passkey systems and the vehicle airbag system. And, of course, you can expect to learn about the ethical procedures and techniques used in the case of an emergency. General law and business operations coursework should be covered, as well.

In addition, your coursework may include attending lectures and demonstrations, watching videos of detailed presentations online or on DVD, in addition to, performing at-home or on-site practical exercises to gain valuable hands-on experience.

Most online classes in locksmithing will require the student to provide for themselves the necessary tools needed to attend a class, however occasionally, some schools may provide basic tools in the price of tuition.

When searching for a reputable online locksmithing program, please check for accreditation to ensure that you are receiving the quality education that you deserve. Also, upon graduation, you will need to check with your state’s regulations to see if licensure is required. Additional learning opportunities are also available.

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