Do I need a license to practice as an Industrial Organizational Psychologist?

First and foremost, the title of “psychologist” is significant and implies that proper training and experience has been established before one can offer any type of professional advice. Earning an online Bachelor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology degree is just the first step in actually becoming an I/O psychologist, as a master’s and doctoral degree is required.

Is a license required to pursue a career as an industrial-organizational psychologist? Yes, states do typically require anyone claiming to be in a profession in a psychological capacity to be licensed; however, each state’s regulations on this topic are different. It is advisable to check with the area in which you will be practicing about what kind of educational degree, as well as, licensure is required.

Generally, you will find that an online Bachelor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology degree, master’s degree, and a doctoral degree are needed, in addition to, one to two years of work experience or internship participation under a licensed psychologist is required. You may then sit for the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) test. Upon success, you will receive your license. But, as stated above you may or may not need board licensure, depending on your career choice. You must inquire with your state to know the right steps you should take for your chosen profession.

What are other types of certifications available? Occasionally, individuals that are in careers who focus on managing others, such as in human resources or business managers, may need additional educational opportunities to apply for job advancements. In this case, some online schools offer certification programs to help them get a leg up on psychology theories and practices in the workplace without earning an official degree. This option is quicker and less expensive for a student that may not have the time, while working a full-time job, to pursue an online bachelor’s degree. However, prerequisites in a certificate program of this sort may include previous work experience in the field, as well as, previous psychology classes.

What is an excellent way to connect with other psychologists and reap the benefits of others before you? Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology organization offers membership to undergraduate students, in addition to, anyone else who professionally practices psychology and is dedicated to the cause. They provide grants and scholarships; you can become internationally recognized for your work and, perhaps most importantly, forge lifelong friendships and networking opportunities that will last throughout your professional career and beyond.

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