A Little About Linda, Chief Editor

First of all, I’d like to say that it is been such a fulfilling adventure creating, contributing to, managing and editing this website. To know that you are providing important information to others whom are just like you… those seeking answers to their questions and turning to the world wide web for assistance… to know that folks all over the world are landing on my site and relying on the expertise of my staff’s research to guide them honestly and purposefully… to know that I’ve played a part in the future of a student’s online schooling choices… it really humbles me and warms my heart. I’d like to thank each and every person that has perused through OnlineSchoolsCenter.com and know that it is my intent to provide you with the most informative online schooling information available!  Congrats on your journeys, your career paths, and your successes!!
Now, a little about myself…straight from my heart.  I am, as I said before, alot like you.  I come from a very humble upbringing, made my way through “this thing called ‘life’ ” (anytime you can use a Prince reference, do so).  I’ve been a farmer raising pigs, goats, chickens, and sheep and I currently have a very sweet pet rabbit that roams freely on my property. I’ve raised two sons, English Mastiffs and Great Danes, as well as, a few rescued animals. All challenging… all rewarding.
You can trust me when I tell you I’ve lived and learned along the way. I’ve learned that happiness is guided by your own choices. I believe that anybody has the power within them to make something of themselves… to achieve goals they set, to enjoy…life, love and happiness… so, back to me… I lived, I learned and I failed. A time or two. Or three. Okay, four but who’s counting? I don’t have any awards I’ve won, I don’t even have a college degree, I don’t have any letters before or after my name, but, what I do have is a desire to help others…which brings me right back to doing what I love the best… helping students who are exiting high school, helping parents get better jobs for their families… helping a 45 year old to make the decision to go to college… basically, helping others help themselves.  That’s my goal in life… hence, this website.
And, here’s my advice to you… if you are breathing… YOU CAN DO THIS! Don’t let yourself or anybody else talk you out of that career you’ve always wanted to achieve!  Don’t sit still…take an active role in your life…. TAKE CHARGE of it!  Only you can better yourself.  Start from within and you can be ALL YOU CAN BE!  Thank you all for letting me be…all I can be…. BEST of luck to you and yours!