How do I obtain a Master’s degree in International Relations?

Everybody would like to live in a better world. A world where peace abounds and everyone gets along. As we all work together in our own communities to create a feeling of cohesiveness and solidarity, there are certain people working on our behalf to maintain the same throughout the world. Those people have careers in international relations.

With an online master’s degree in international relations, you will earn a degree that normally does not tether you to a specific career. Unlike a pharmacist or accounting degree that directs you towards a specific career, an international relations degree prepares you for a plethora of different careers to choose from, such as a career in international law, international business, journalism, in addition to, diplomats, lobbyists, intelligence specialists and political analysts.

International relations is an advanced field of comprehension, information and knowledge. With your online master’s degree in international relations, the student will embark on an educational journey researching the subject of relationships between countries, roles of states, government organizations, intercontinental laws, public policy fields and cultural relations. They study economic, religious and political issues that influence the international systems of the modern world. The study of international relations is considered an interdisciplinary major, meaning that it relates to more than one branch of knowledge.

Most areas of interest to the international relations student will address various considerations, all of which are very important issues, including subjects pertaining to human rights, the dissolution of organized crime, economic development, free trade and many others. Subjects such as speech and writing, foreign languages, logic skills and an extensive knowledge in world and state politics will assure you a variety of different career options to pursue.

Depending upon the program in which you are enrolled, most international relations degree programs will allow you to specialize in specific areas of the world or an area of expertise within international relations. You may choose to specialize in strategic issues, international business or development, global theory or solving conflicts.

Perhaps while earning your online master’s degree in international relations, you may feel the need to gain valuable experience thorough an internship, although, sometimes it is required at the master’s degree level. Internships are available in the states or, more commonly, in other countries as volunteers. Joining the Peace Corps is another option. They are an agency of the United States government which is responsible for sending Americans to other countries to help others fine tune the economic and social development of their country. Most volunteers are gone for usually two years, working in, most often, stringent conditions in third world countries. Employers look very favorably upon experience obtained by Peace Corps volunteers when hiring for international jobs.

In addition to your internship, a master’s thesis and written or oral examinations may be required. With your online master’s degree in international relations, you may choose a career in the public or private sector and either in a foreign country or in the United States. Careers within the federal government are classified as in the field of international relations.

Your knowledge in international relations will reward you with an interesting and gratifying career. You will play an essential part in making the world a better place to live for yourself, family and friends. We have compiled a list of the Top 15 Online Schools for a Master’s Degree Program in International Relations for your review.