Can I complete my Master’s degree in Elementary Education through an online program?

Are you currently teaching and don’t want to leave your students to earn your master’s degree? Or, perhaps you have other responsibilities, as well, such as financial commitments and a family of your own to take care of. If flexibility and convenience is important, then rest assured that there is an option for you. Earning your Master’s degree in Elementary Education through an online program is a fantastic option and is readily available.

Are you wondering if your online degree diploma will be as impressive as the traditional degree? The internet is the way of the world now and prospective employers understand the demands of a busy lifestyle, therefore, when considering applicants, they do not discriminate against online degrees. In fact, online coursework can be just as demanding and rigorous as the traditional brick and mortar options so, public school districts will accept your degree program without any hesitation.

One important caveat, however, is that the school you choose must be accredited, whether an online program or not. Let’s face it, college is expensive and there are some institutions out there that are just interested in taking your money and handing you a diploma. They are focused on making a quick buck and don’t truly care about your education. To be referred to as an “accredited” school, the program must meet strict guidelines to ensure that they meet the required academic standards that will benefit you the most. Accredited online programs will transfer credits, allow you to apply for financial aid, and most importantly, qualify you for job considerations within a school system.

Within your online Master’s degree in Elementary Education program, you will also want to verify that it will lead to teacher certification and licensure in the state you wish to teach. You will need to check with your state’s requirements before signing on to a program to verify that all necessities are in place.

To complete your online program, you may be required to complete a student teaching component. If so, obviously this part will need to be done at a local school in your community. Before registering, inquire if the online program works with schools in your area to provide student teaching opportunities.  Their help with providing internship options takes the pressure off of you to find one yourself.

Are you a good candidate for an online degree program? After all, you won’t have an instructor to watch over you to make sure you get the work done. You will be on your own, forced to be self-disciplined and utilize excellent time-management skills, as well as, being self-motivated, well-organized and comfortable with the ever-changing world of technology. If you are unsure, consider taking one class online to see if it is a good fit for you before signing on to an entire degree program.

Online programs generally work in either of two ways: online asynchronous and online synchronous. The asynchronous option allows the student to access their educational instruction and materials from anywhere at any time of the day or night. The instructor will create coursework schedule deadlines, therefore, allowing you to set your own pace, as long as you meet your deadlines. The synchronous version is for students who prefer real-time interaction with students and professors. They also may access their coursework from anywhere, however, regularly scheduled class participation is required at a given time. Choose which format suits your needs the best, while also allowing you the flexibility and convenience that an online program provides.

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