Can I earn a Master’s in Gerontology degree through an Online Program?

The convenience of studying while in the comfort of your own home appeals to most people, but perhaps you are wondering if you can obtain a master’s degree in gerontology through an online program. Finding time for a graduate program may be hard, however, there are several programs out there that are available. Today’s modern technology allows students the ability to learn a trade while wearing their pajamas, sitting on the couch. Online programs work well for those who are busy, working a full-time job and wish to further their education while still earning a living.

A career in gerontology includes the study of the changes that aging adults go through and how it affects them and their social lives, mentally and physically. Since people are living longer, the need for competent Gerontologist are more and more in demand and students are gravitating toward this field. Your online master’s degree in gerontology will afford you a lucrative and rewarding career.

The preferred degree for the Gerontologist is a master’s degree in gerontology, however, since this field covers a multitude of careers, you will need to do some extensive research on which specific degree is best for you after you choose a specialty. For example, if you would like to pursue a career in social work, you may need a degree in psychology and if you intend to pursue a career as a Certified Gerontology Nurse Practitioner, you will need a nursing degree. A dual degree will allow you to accomplish your goal.

Please keep in mind that some online master’s degree programs in gerontology are fully online and some will command a residency that you will be required to attend. Typically, a bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry or a similar field are prior requisites to enroll and as with other programs, your online school must be accredited just like traditional brick and mortar universities.

Online programs offer flexibility and the option to choose your course schedule. You will also have access to university resources and online message boards. You can communicate through video chats with other students and your professors. However, to get the most benefits from your online master’s degree in gerontology, you must stay focused on assignment deadlines and be comfortable working independently.

The study of gerontology is such an extensive, diverse field with so many career options. An online Master of Arts in Gerontology will prepare you for many opportunities to study the process of the aging while an online Master of Healthcare Administration in Gerontology will explore the study of medical clinic management within the geriatric field. You may choose to concentrate on health and human services or long-term healthcare for the elderly. Within an online master’s degree in gerontology program, courses will include sociology of the aging, social and cultural issues, general medical healthcare for the aging, disabilities, memory and cognitive skills, in addition to, the death process and bereavement.

Remember, since gerontology is such a broad field, please check your school’s curriculum to verify that they can provide you the training you need for your chosen career before entering an online program. Please feel free to check out our Top 15 Online Schools for a Master’s Degree in Gerontology if you are interested in a fulfilling career in healthcare.