Can I earn a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration degree through an Online Program?

Earning your master’s degree in healthcare administration (MHA) may sound like a daunting task, however, earning it through an online program is an option that you may choose to take advantage of. A career in healthcare administration is a smart choice, so why not go the extra mile and show your employer you mean business… online programs make that easy to do.

Most often, at this point in your healthcare career, you are already in the midst of working a full-time job, raising kids and running a household. The convenience of an online master’s degree in healthcare administration will help you obtain the credentials you need to step it up in the job market allowing you more lucrative and prestigious job opportunities, and with any luck, a few options to choose from.

Experts advise that if you wish to obtain an executive position in healthcare administration, you must earn your online master’s degree from a fully accredited online school and luckily, they are abundant in a variety of colleges and universities, however, please do your homework to verify accreditation before you begin a program. An online program provides students the opportunity for you to earn your degree while working a full-time job after the kids are in bed or you may opt to attend online classes, sitting in your pajamas, while snacking on popcorn. The beauty of an online program is convenience and affordability, all while continuing to earn a living at your current job.

Prerequisites for earning your online master’s degree in healthcare administration will require the prior completion of a bachelor’s degree. Coursework may include operations management, knowledge of health insurance compliance, human resources, healthcare policies, law and ethics and the comprehension of technology information systems.

As with most degree programs, you will likely be required to obtain and work an internship related to the field of healthcare administration that you have chosen. You will be allowed to work under healthcare professionals in the industry to provide you with useful work experience and gain valuable work references and networking opportunities. Your internship can be completed at a doctor’s office, nursing home facility, outpatient care centers, home health care organizations or, perhaps the most common choice, your local area hospital.

With an online master’s degree in healthcare administration, you will have many career options. You may choose to specialize in emergency management, sales and marketing, communications, criminal forensics, federal government health care facilities, medical insurance companies, diagnostic laboratories or any other medical facility such as a hospital or clinic. Common job titles for the online master’s degree holder may include Healthcare Administrator, Medical Records Manager, Operations Manager, Facility Manager, or perhaps the most lucrative career choice of a hospital Chief Executive Officer.

With a high rate of employee satisfaction and a job growth rate of 17% between now and 2024, earning your online master’s degree in healthcare administration will put you on the right path to a rewarding and lucrative career. Feel free to check out our list of Top 20 Online Master’s Degree of Healthcare Administration Programs that we have compiled for your review to help you find an online program that fits your needs.