How do I earn an online Master’s in Interior Design degree?

Are you ready, by earning a graduate degree, to take your career to the next level? If so, you should consider building upon your bachelor’s degree foundation and acquiring an online Master’s in Interior Design degree. Most likely at this point in your life, you have some experience in interior design behind you and have an accomplished career already in place. This is an excellent time to advance in your career, perhaps to upper management, and potentially earn a higher salary. Also, you may choose to open your own interior design business with your new prestigious master’s degree. Or, would you like to become an educator, at the college level, teaching interior design?

How do you begin earning a master’s degree in this field? First, you will need to be sure your prerequisites are in order. Typically, this process will include owning an undergraduate degree in interior design or a related major. Also, you will need to submit a current resumé, a portfolio of your design work, as well as, your Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.

Can you complete a master’s degree program in interior design through an online distance learning program? Many schools offer online degree programs in this field; however, you will need the proper equipment to complete your assignments, as well as, interact with classmates and your professor. You will need a recent computer, microphone and web camera, along with, Microsoft Office and the appropriate CAD software that your school requires.

You will attend web conferences and view lectures through your Internet-based classroom; however, some schools do require the occasional on-campus attendance. Although in-person attendance may be brief, you will need to be sure you can attend easily and may only be necessary a few times during your degree program. Also, your school may or may not require a thesis in this field of study. Your online Master’s in Interior Design degree program may take you two to three years to complete, depending on your dedication. Please be sure your chosen school is appropriately accredited.

Your interest may determine what type of online Master’s in Interior Design degree program you need to attend, whether you would like to maintain a professional degree or choose to instruct others.  If you are interested in continuing interior design professionally, you can choose a concentration. You may choose from a variety of design topics which include historic preservation, residential design, environmental design, commercial design, or even more specifically, hospital design.

If you pursue a professional-based degree, what will you study through an online Master’s in Interior Design degree program? You can expect advanced classwork in design theory, of course. Common courses also include the history of interior design, presentation techniques, environmental psychology, famous interior designers, new design techniques, construction methods, organizational ecology, noise and crowd control, as well as, issues concerning space, the environment, professional practices, and lighting design. You can also expect some classes in statistics, research and analysis to keep abreast of the current trends. Although a thesis may not be required, you should expect a large amount of individualized studio work.

Furthermore, if you would prefer to become an interior design instructor, your syllabus should also include classes in communication, teaching and developing curriculum.  Choose a program that suits your end goals, in addition to, your personality.

Do you want to obtain the degree that you need to pursue your dreams? Or, do you hope to establish your own business? If so, check out our choices for the Top Online schools for Master’s in Interior Design Programs.