What minor should I consider to complement my online Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management?

One of the best advantages to obtaining a major in Organizational Management is that it allows the graduate to pursue employment in an extensive variety of career fields. The leadership skills that you acquire by earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management, will allow you to use them most anywhere you desire, whether it be in the public, private or non-profit sectors, in addition to, any type of business.

Your online Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management program will teach you a broad array of skills such as, how to manage employees and the business procedures needed to land you a career in management, however, perhaps you would like to know what minor will benefit you the most. What will be most helpful for dealing with the public, what will help you the most in communications or in the area of sales and marketing?

A minor in sociology is a great complement to an organizational management degree. As a manager, you will need to know what makes people tick and how different personalities will require you to adjust the way you deal with people, as well. Sociology is the scientific study of human and social behavior. Our world is very diverse and how you communicate with one person is not necessarily how you can effectively communicate with another. As you come to realize that our environments, families and our neighborhoods influence our lives, you will become a more compassionate manager, therefore, increasing production and cohesiveness amongst your employees. A minor in sociology may be the single most useful complement to your online Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management that you will earn… and you will be glad you did!

Once you learn how the mind works in others, perhaps honing your own skills in communication will help you effectively become an exceptional manager. A minor in the study of communications will help you establish the skills that you will need in today’s workplace. In management, you will be communicating, on a daily basis, with a variety of age groups from every cultural and economic background imaginable. You will be dealing with teenagers who are just getting a job for the first time, or recent college graduates that are ready to take on the world. There will also be middle-aged employees who have families and mortgages to see through, as well as, the aging who has just a few years till retirement. Everybody deserves to be spoken to with consideration, tactfulness and politeness. A minor degree in communications will help you understand how to communicate fairly and respectfully.

Along with your online Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management, you may want to minor in a second language. Studies show that only a small percentage of students are fluent in a foreign language other than their own native language. In today’s world, as diverse as it is, this can create a huge communication gap between a manager and their workers, therefore, limiting business opportunities and productivity. With a second language as a minor, your employees can communicate with you easily, as well.

How are you at creating marketing strategies to sell your company’s product? A minor degree in marketing will allow you to, not only sell your employer’s goods or services, but will be beneficial to you, for you will become more valuable to potential employers having earned a degree in marketing.

To summarize, it’s obvious that the more degrees you have relating to your major makes good sense, specifically by giving you the knowledge you need to do a good job. In addition to your online Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management, adding a related minor will make yourself more marketable, too. If you are interested in this field, please see our list of the Top 15 Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Organizational Management degree programs.