Is a nursing degree the right choice for me?

The Webster dictionary defines the adjective “compassionate” as a “feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others.” This is also an excellent description to describe those individuals that are considering earning their online degree in nursing to begin a nursing career. A nurse is a special kind of person; they must be caring, warm and sensitive to other’s needs.

Perhaps, you have wondered if you have what it takes to become a nurse. Nurses work long hours, work under stressful conditions and they constantly face exposure to illnesses and sometimes, death, therefore, a nurse must be emotionally strong, as well. Are you in good physical health? You must have perseverance, strength and endurance for those shifts while working long hours, weekends and holidays. A nurse must have a genuine love for people. In addition, a nurse must be an excellent listener. At all times, you must maintain a professional appearance and demeanor while maintaining your composure during a crisis.

Nurses must work with all types of people of all different ages, race, sexual orientations, religious beliefs and social status by providing unprejudiced care to each patient. As a nurse, you must be prepared and aware of all legal aspects of the care you are providing and you will be required to assume legal and ethical accountability for all of your actions. Patient confidentiality is of utmost importance and must be respected. An unbiased compassion for others is imperative.

Are you dedicated to making a difference in your community? Do you like to volunteer your services and enjoy leadership roles? Can you take charge in times of crisis? All of these qualities are important in becoming a nurse.

Obtaining your nursing degree can be a lengthy and tedious process, so a nursing student must be willing to put in the time and be dedicated to their studies. Are you willing to make your educational experience a priority? Do you possess the quality of determination? Are you well-organized, detail-oriented and a critical thinker? Can you handle yourself well in fast-paced, highly active environments such as hospital emergency rooms, busy clinics or with demanding patients? Nurses must have a genuine love for learning and continuing their education, always.

Nurses are, in addition to the care of their patients, responsible for maintaining accurate records and detailed reports, therefore, requiring patience and attention to detail while completing all the “paperwork” necessary per your facilities requirements. Your customer service skills must be adequate and your language skills must be strong.

Are you a “people-person”? The knowledge of human behavior and the ability to discern emotions and personalities is important. Can you be a motivational “cheer-leader” or an “encourager”? If you are a happy person yourself, it will rub off on your patients! A good attitude within a friendly, personable nurse is invaluable.

A nurse must be able to accept direction from superiors, as well as, criticism and critique. You must be dependable, exhibit self-control and must have integrity. Are you ambitious and willing to go the extra mile and easily adaptable to change? A nurse must be cooperative, good-natured and willing to take the initiative when the job requires it.

So, is nursing for you? Assess your own personality traits to see, however, the main requirements are a good soul and a passion to help others. If you think you have what it takes to become a nurse and would like more information to help you in your endeavor, please check out our information regarding Top Online Nursing Degree Programs.