Does an online Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice prepare me for a career in Homeland Security?

Are you considering a career in Homeland Security? The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) offers various employment options that are very rewarding careers that will stimulate your mind and challenge your abilities, however, a position with Homeland Security is one of the most important privileges one can have bestowed upon them. What better way to do your civic duty in order to protect your country, your family and your friends?

What exactly does Homeland Security do? After September 11, 2001, the DHS was created to protect, secure and ensure the safety of the United States from attacks of terrorist and any other types of disasters. Employees of Homeland Security are responsible for securing our borders, seaports, waterways and our airports. Although their main focus is to protect us from terrorist assaults, they also respond to natural disasters, as well as, analyzing intelligence reports and staying on top of the latest security techniques. DHS employees keep residents of the United States, as well as visitors to our country, safe and secure.

With a degree in criminal justice, you will be qualified to apply for many positions within the Department of Homeland Security. Supervisory or higher ranking positions may require a master’s degree or an appropriate degree with experience. Although criminal justice is a common degree offered, many universities now offer degrees in Homeland Security, as well. It is a good idea to obtain both degrees, if interested in a career with Homeland Security.

While earning your online bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security, your coursework will include basics of homeland security, criminal justice, public safety policy, intelligence systems and structures, environmental security, emergency response, psychology, terrorism and peacekeeping.

If you are interested in a career with Homeland Security and you have completed your online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, then your next step, most likely, will be to receive security clearance and you will need to show proof of United States citizenship. If you intend to pursue law enforcement, you will need to attend police academy and pass a physical exam with flying colors.

The future outlook of job opportunities within Homeland Security is very positive. They offer great benefits with room for advancement and regular pay rate increases, based on good performance. Benefits include health insurance, life insurance, long-term care benefits, paid holidays, retirement plans, personal leave time and tuition reimbursement. Other benefits such as health and wellness programs, uniform allowances and fitness programs also may be available. After you apply for a position you are suited for, several interviews may be required and then an emotional and psychological series of tests are done, along with a background check.

A career associated with Homeland Security includes several divisions to chose from for the online bachelor’s degree graduate. A few possibilities include areas of United States Customs, Immigration Enforcement, Border Control, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Secret Service and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), among others. Potential career options in these areas include Border Patrol Agent, Information Security Manager, TSA Screener, FBI Agent, Federal Air Marshal, Secret Service Agent, Emergency Management Specialist, and Law Enforcement Professional.

Perhaps you would like to know what sort of salary you can expect with your degree in criminal justice when contemplating a career with Homeland Security. A Border Patrol agent, depending on pay grade, can earn an average salary of between $49,000 – $60,750 per year. Based on location, the median salary for a Special Agent ranges between $43,964 – $74,891 annually, depending on experience. Emergency Management positions can earn up to $90,340 annually.

And yes, an online bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice will prepare you for a career in Homeland Security. If you choose to pursue a prestigious position within Homeland Security, rest assured, it will be a very rewarding and lucrative career and you can be proud of yourself for doing your part in protecting our country. What could be better than that?