How can I earn an online Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources?

Are you looking for a business-related degree that you can secure through a 100% online program? Are you recently out of high school and want a college degree but need to work, as well, to pay for it? Are you working a dead-end job with no chance for a promotion or raise? If you answered any of the above questions with a resounding “YES!,” you’ve come to the right place! Earning an online Bachelor of Human Resources degree, which is the preferred degree for an entry-level position in this field, can open many doors for you.

Available human resources positions are on the rise due to today’s labor, compensation and healthcare laws. Each business must be prepared to implement these rules and regulations effectively and rely on employees with bachelor’s degrees, at the very least, to keep them in compliance with the laws. Throughout a career in human resources, you’ll work closely with all personnel to create a cohesive work environment for all.

Generally, bachelor’s degrees in the field of human resources are readily available through online programs. While most formats are 100% online, some may be hybrid programs, meaning that occasional on-campus attendance is required. You will need a recent computer with high-speed Internet, as well as, the other required components, such as a web camera and microphone. Also, asynchronous classes are the most popular type of learning format. In this capacity, you can access your assignments from anywhere and at any time you have available Internet service; therefore, allowing you the flexibility and convenience to study when it fits into your schedule. Please be sure that your chosen online school is appropriately accredited.

Your coursework will consist of the foundations of human resource management, compensation laws, how to recruit and employ the right person, labor relations and employment law, how to conduct job evaluations, mediation skills, along with, proper training procedures, human resources administrative duties and ethics in the workplace. Your online Bachelor of Human Resources degree program should also focus on the importance of diversity in the workplace, labor laws governing pay scales and overtime, safety regulations, employee benefit plans, industrial psychology, and management strategies.

Through an online bachelor’s degree program in human resources, you can expect to hone many skills, such as decision-making, time management, and critical-thinking skills. You should be an excellent communicator, both orally and written, as well as, an exceptional leader. You must be detail-oriented and have a genuine desire to help people.

Although you are welcome to earn an online bachelor’s degree specifically for the field of human services, it is also quite common for students to work towards business management degrees with a concentration in human resources. If you have previous human resources work experience, you may want to consider obtaining a master’s or doctoral degree, as well. Earning a master’s degree will allow you to apply for promotions, in addition to, substantial pay increases. Many, at the master’s level, work towards a concentration, such as business administration, employee benefits or labor laws and ethics. A doctoral degree can lead to research and teaching opportunities.

If you are interested in this exciting field, please see our choices for the Best Online Schools for Bachelor of Human Resources Degree Programs. Get started today!