How do I earn an online Bachelor’s degree in Political Science?

Do you have an interest in politics? Have you ever dipped your toe in the waters of an exciting campaign for your favorite candidate? If so, presumably, you developed an interest in the field of political science that you just can’t shake. Actually, earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Political Science will provide you with many career opportunities, besides throwing your hat into the political arena.

As you think about earning a degree in political science, please be aware that the bachelor’s degree is the preferred degree to own when considering a career as a Budget Analyst, Public Relations Manager, Fundraising Manager or if you intend to obtain an entry-level job in a local, state or federal government agency. However, if your goal is to have a career as the obvious, a Political Scientist, then earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Political Science will only be a stepping stone to your future. The preferred degree for a Political Scientist is a Master’s degree.

If you are limited in time due to your current job or other personal responsibilities, a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science earned through an online program is the answer for you. Online programs offer similar or equivalent coursework and the credentials are considered the same as the traditional brick and mortar campus. Of course, you will need a computer with high-speed internet access with an updated operating system and DVD-ROM.

Coursework within this field will consist of topics such as, state and local politics, constitutional law, international relations, the foundations of political science, geopolitics, political theory, the branches of the government, political philosophy, in addition to, public policy and American politics. You may also be required to learn a foreign language, as well as, study the sociological effects of politics. You will learn how to hone your skills in communication, organization, problem-solving and analytical thinking, along with, learning the latest researching methods.

Even though you are attending an online program, an internship may be required. If so, naturally, that will need to be accomplished in your local area. In some instances, your online program counselor can point you in the direction of internships available in your area, however, if you find an opportunity on your own, be sure to get prior approval from your counselor to ensure proper credit for your hard work.

Internships can be found at all levels of government and in every branch, such as, at the executive, legislative and judicial levels. They are also available in law firms, non-profit organizations, as well as, in interest groups and lobbying agencies. If you are interested in a particular candidate that is running for office at the time, an internship within their organization would be most beneficial. An internship will give you the valuable experience and references that you will need to begin the job search after graduation. Depending on your internship sponsor, you may put a few bucks in your pocket, too, as some internships pay a small salary, and some do not. Your educational experience will be your compensation.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the Top 20 Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Political Science degree programs for your review.