How do I earn an online career certificate as a caterer?

Everybody’s got to eat, right? Why not eat delicious food prepared by an expert? Or, would you like to be that expert? If you have an interest in the culinary arts, you should consider a career as a caterer. Learn how to share your talents with others through an online program to help you obtain an entry-level position at a catering company or open your own catering business.

Can you learn catering through an online program, you ask? Although culinary training programs require hands-on experience, there are a few online catering programs that are offered through a 100% online format. However, you will be required to practice preparing dishes in your own kitchen.

As a caterer, you should know how to plan a menu while considering dietary requirements and know how to properly stick to a budget. As you will be hired to cater specific events, you must be prepared to present your food in the appropriate manner, as well as, cook the correct kinds of cultural or specialty cuisine required.

You can expect your catering program to include informative classes such as, food safety and handling, proper cooking principles and techniques, the most efficient way to organize your kitchen, types of cooking utensils you will need, along with, the best cooking methods for preparing soups, sauces, pasta, meats and vegetables. Other classwork will include baking and pastry, about alcoholic and other types of beverages, breads and dairy products. You will also learn about proper nutrition, food theory, culinary terms, food costing, how to prepare foreign foods, banquet set-ups and catering protocol.

Through your online catering coursework, you will also learn how to manage your time wisely, as well as, how to develop important critical-thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Caterers must be able to effectively supervise staff, have good oral and written communication skills and be comfortable working under pressure and deadlines. Your online catering course should also cover professional ethics, marketing, sales and business courses to help you maintain financial success. And without a doubt, a good attitude and excellent customer service skills will be required.

Most likely, your online course will provide you with the instructional videos and cookbooks you will need. And you’re not alone… you can also contact instructors by phone, email or video chats, if you have questions.  It’s as easy as ever to obtain the proper instruction you need through an online certificate program in catering.

To further your career, you may want to obtain certification from the National Association of Catering Executives. This certification will require testing in the topics of event management, sales, marketing, accounting, beverage management, contracts, as well as, food preparation and catering.  Another certification to consider is from the American Culinary Federation.

In addition, your state may require you to obtain a food safety certification to run a catering business. This ensures that you are properly trained in food sanitation, proper food storage, hygiene, pest control and food-borne illnesses. You will need to be prepared to pass this important exam. Also, you will need to be prepared for a health and safety inspector to certify your kitchen.  Maintaining a high grade will help your business thrive.

Graduation from an online catering program should prepare you to host special events, weddings, corporate meetings, church functions, intimate dinners and holiday parties of all occasions. If you are interested in this field, please see our choices for the best Online Schools for Catering.