Do online schools offer degrees for the less traditional careers in Communications?

Online schools are the way of the future, however, there are still some courses or degrees that you can only get through the traditional brick and mortar campus. So, you may wonder if less traditional career degree programs in communications are available? Although limited, the online programs are out there for the “less popular” career choices. Be sure to your research for the correct program that is right for you.

Once you have earned your online communications degree, there are a few obvious career options that come to mind. The guy or gal on the 6 o’clock news, your favorite radio personality or perhaps you just finished a fantastic novel by your favorite author; these are all a few of the “expected or traditional” career options that are available to you with your communications degree.

However, maybe you like to dance to the beat of a different drummer, or perhaps “the norm” is not for you. There are several careers that the proud recipient of a communications degree owner can pursue that are a little different or “unexpected,” shall we say. After all, this degree is a very versatile degree and can be used in any number of ways.

Let’s look at a few unconventional, yet interesting, options for you that can, by the way, be obtained through distant learning:

Most of us take the ability to communicate for granted, however, some people have language or speech development challenges. How would you like to help those people and make a real, life-changing difference in someone’s life? That is what Communication Disorder Audiologist do. You may choose to specialize in pediatric or geriatric audiology. A master’s or doctoral degree may be required depending on your states requirements.

If you are interested in the healthcare profession but do not wish to provide personal, hands-on patient care, then a Health Communications Specialist may be for you. Your degree will allow you the opportunity to be an advocate for good health by helping people understand about healthy lifestyle changes and preventing disease. They keep the public informed of health risks, prevention and solutions.

Are you tech savvy? Your online degree in communications could earn you a career as a Communications Technician. They are responsible for the installation and repair of various phone and cable lines and their related equipment.  You will learn information technology and about computer hardware systems with a telecommunication degree.

Use your online communications degree to become a Cryptologist. They are responsible for examining and deciphering coded messages, as well as, generating them particularly for classified military information. An additional degree in foreign languages is required for translating.

Other types of businesses, besides broadcasting companies, are in need of Organizational Communication degree holders. You should enjoy working with people and be very organized for this position. Examples of organizational communication jobs would include: Human Resource Managers, Mediators or Event Planners.

Perhaps you inspire to help the deaf. A Sign Language Interpreter helps the deaf function fully in society. Your online degree in American Sign Language (ASL) will provide you with a rewarding career by serving others. The demand for this career is expanding exponentially.

Do you dream about being in the show business, but your acting skills are lacking? Consider a career in Media and Communications Law. This career choice deals with the legalities of contracts and copyright, trademark and patent rights, often amongst celebrities or other entertainment outlets. Media lawyers deal in privacy and libel issues associated with newspapers, television and the internet.

As you can see, an online degree in communications is not just for the broadcaster or radio personality. Since the degree is so diverse, your options are countless. has compiled a list of their picks for the Top Online Bachelor’s of Communications for you to browse!