Will my online degree be the same as the traditional degree?

online schooling versus traditional diplomas

When you are spending your hard-earned money and dedicating your valuable time to earning a college degree of any kind, you must be sure that an online degree will be acceptable by prospective employers, right? Who wants to go through the rigorous process of earning a degree only to find out it’s not worth the paper it’s written on? Nobody. Nor, would you want it to be unacceptable by future employers. You must be assured that your online degree credentials are taken seriously. Perhaps, you are wondering if your online diploma is considered as valuable as those earned from a traditional brick and mortar university. The short answer to that concern is yes, however, let us tell you why that is true.

What do you think is the most significant aspect of filling a position to an employer? Typically, they are interested in your qualifications. Can you fulfill the job description? Do you have the skills needed to do the job requirements correctly and efficiently? If you are well qualified, where your degree came from is not of the utmost importance.

But let’s suppose that an employer is concerned with where you received your degree. What would they look at? Perhaps the most significant indicator of a school’s success is their accreditation. As you know, you should not waste your time on an online program that is not appropriately accredited. Each university must pass certain standards of approval to ensure its quality of online curricula. Prospective employers are aware of the importance of accreditation.

Employers may also research your school’s reputation, just as you should before you sign on to a program. For-profit “diploma mills” that take your money and hand out diplomas without taking the time to educate you on the topic properly is a waste of everyone’s time, except theirs. These types of institutions are just interested in receiving your tuition money. Employers prefer to see online distance learning diplomas from non-profit universities.

Most students are typically worried that the term “online” will be printed on their diploma. Generally, your diploma will not reflect the word “online” on it. As you know, most universities now offer online degree programs along with their traditional brick and mortar degree programs; therefore, unless your school is solely dedicated to online learning, rest assured, your prospective employer will not know unless you tell them!

But, if an employer does know that you earned your degree through an online degree program, they will be impressed, without a doubt. With today’s popularity of online learning, most employers are familiar with the rigorous coursework involved in online learning. Although this option of education is convenient and offers flexibility, it still requires hard work, excellent time management, dedication, self-motivation, the ability to work well with others, and of course, the required skill set and knowledge in your craft. If an interviewer should ask you why you chose the online degree option, answer honestly explaining your circumstances and obligations. You will surely earn their respect.

Earning an online degree in the hustle and bustle of this day and time makes better sense for everyone. No longer does this option carry a negative stigma as perhaps it did many years ago. It’s genuinely a brilliant option and most employers will accept your online training without reservation and will respect you for your dedication. Most definitely, yes, your online degree will be comparable to the traditional on-campus degree.


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