With my online Doctor of Educational Psychology degree, what type of career can I pursue and what range of salary do they provide?

What would you like to accomplish with your online Doctor of Educational Psychology degree? In this field, there are several types of careers to explore. As you are thinking about your interests, please consider the age of children you would like to work with, the degree of communication that your students should have and how you would like to help them. Typically, you would not handle a toddler’s needs the same as you would a teenager’s, of course. At each child’s stage of life, their development changes. Would you like to specialize in social and emotional development? Or, perhaps, you would prefer the field of speech and language development. Would you want to work with gifted or talented students? Or, maybe, those who have behavioral issues that prevent them from interacting well with others? These are all excellent considerations when choosing a career.

The school psychologist will commonly take on the role of a mentor within a school program. They are someone a child can depend on to help them associate positively with other children or, on occasion, they need someone to help them deal with issues at home. A school psychologist earns between $42,330 to over $124,520 annually, with the average pay of $77,030 per year, depending on experience. A school psychologist with an online Ph.D. or Ed.D. degree can undoubtedly earn a lucrative living, all while providing a valuable service to the community.

You may also choose to use your degree as an educational psychologist. You will primarily be expected to develop an exciting curriculum that is designed to help teachers maintain interest and focus in the classroom. Educational psychologists are fully aware of the emotional and intellectual capabilities of the age group in which they are working with; therefore, they use creative teaching tools to enhance the process of learning. In addition to working with children, you will be expected to work closely with teachers, in addition to, those with disabilities or other special learning needs. The salary for an educational psychologist is comparable to that of other psychologists at an average of $77,030 annually, although many variables can increase your wage exponentially in this field.

Have you considered a career in academia yourself? As a professor in educational psychology? At the university or college level, a professor can earn between $85,320 to upwards of $110,000 annually. You will specialize in teaching psychology-related courses to students interested in the field, as well as, have the opportunity to conduct research. Also, you may offer consulting services to other physicians and school administrators.

The field of special education describes students who have developmental disabilities or those who are gifted or exceptionally talented. Therefore, they occasionally need help adjusting socially and communicating with others effectively. In some instances, they are just bored with the ordinary curriculum and need brain stimulation from advanced and challenging work. Your job will be to accommodate their needs with the appropriate type of assignments. A special education teacher’s salary is about $60,000 per year.

If you have a sincere love for children and teaching, you will enjoy a career in this field, without a doubt. Please check out our choices for the Best Online Schools for Doctor in Educational Psychology Degree Programs.