Best Online Schools for Doctor of Nonprofit Management Degree Programs

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Organizational and group leadership in nonprofits in particular is an incredibly important facet of the industry. With the right leadership and management styles, nonprofits will be able to institute positive change in their area of concentration, whatever that may be. These online schools offering doctoral level degrees in nonprofit management will give students all of the understanding and skill necessary to enter into positions that require a large amount of dedication and responsibility, and that effect the most change possible.


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Program Standouts:
This online school represents one of the finest distance education institutions in the country. Liberty has been included on an innumerable amount of lists documenting the best online programs, and the Doctor in nonprofit Leadership and Management is no exception. Offered through the Doctor of Business Administration as a concentration, this curriculum deepens current knowledge and supplies students with additional tools and resources.

Campus Location: Lynchburg, VA

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Retention Rate: 69%

Acceptance Rate: 20.2%

Admission Requirements:
Applicants must submit a completed online application, the nonrefundable application fee, official transcripts from an accredited graduate institution representing experience in business administration, a statement of purpose, and financial aid documentation. TOEFL scores are required from students who use English as a second language.

Sampling of Coursework:

  • Strategic Allocation of Financial Resources
  • Organizational and Executive Coaching
  • Workforce Planning and Employment

Degree Outcomes:
Some positions of employment occupied by DBA in Nonprofit Leadership and Management graduates include, but are not limited to: lead management, nonprofit organization director, and regulatory affairs manager. Students develop strong skills in communication, grant acquisition, workforce planning, and management practices.




Program Standouts:
The University of the Rockies is quickly becoming one of the more well-known and successful online schools in America, and offers a Doctor of Psychology, nonprofit Management in which students design and analyze research to improve performance within organizations of all kinds. The curriculum builds upon previously learned knowledge and experience.

Campus Location: Denver, CO

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

Acceptance Rate: unavailable

Retention Rate: unavailable

Admission Requirements:
Applicants must submit a completed online application and official transcripts from an accredited graduate institution representing a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Program Options:

  • Biological Bases of Behavior
  • Family Systems
  • Group Process and Group Leadership in Organizations

Degree Outcomes:
Graduates of this fine program navigate the complex structures of nonprofit organizations and implement strategies initiatives and positive change. The coursework includes an extensive research component and broader applications than many other programs.