With an online Doctorate degree in Computer Science, what are my job and salary options?

With your online Doctor of Computer Science degree in hand, what do you plan to do with it? Are you looking for a promotion? Or, perhaps changing careers altogether? Have you considered teaching and becoming a mentor to others? Would you prefer to work in research? All good matters to consider when thinking about a future in the field of computer science. The best online Ph.D. programs in computer science prepare you for a variety of career options.

Let’s first consider a career in academia and research. With an online Ph.D. in Computer Science, you’ve earned the honor and privilege of instructing others about the world of computers. A university professor can earn between $78,000 and $110,000 or more annually, depending on job responsibilities, experience, and university location. In a related field, such as a researcher, you can expect to earn $114,520 annually. Computer and information research scientist put in the time and effort to establish and design new computing methods in hopes of improving our everyday lives. They invent groundbreaking technology used in healthcare, corporate business, and other fields.

The online Doctor of Computer Science (DCS) degree is primarily earned by those in hopes of becoming a professional in the field, as opposed to academia or research. This distance learning degree can cover a wide array of job possibilities. Owning your distinguished degree may have been hard work, but with the rise in technology-related positions, more and more employers are hiring those with the top degrees to run their IT departments. You will have an advantage over all other candidates.

First and foremost, if you are interested in starting your own consulting business, you should follow your dreams and do so. As a business professional with an online doctorate degree in computer science, you will have the knowledge and skills level to be successful, no doubt. Of course, your earnings will depend on your dedication; however, the sky’s the limit!

The duties of a software architect vary, however, with your online doctorate degree in computer science, you will have the skills and creativity to develop new applications or the knowledge needed to build the underlying systems required. Software architects or developers earn between $103,560 to upwards of $120,000 per year, depending on their skill set, educational degree, and experience. Although you can enter this field with a bachelor’s degree, top dollar is earned at the doctorate degree level.

If you would like to advance in your career as a data scientist, your online Doctor of Computer Science degree will get you that promotion you’ve hoped for, not to mention, a fatter paycheck. Data scientist work with statistics, math, and analytics to manage data. They use machine learning-based processes to solve complicated problems within businesses. Earnings for this position are approximately $116,840 per year.

What’s the bottom line here? With an online distance learning Ph.D. or doctoral degree in computer science, you will have more career opportunities, and you can expect a substantial salary increase. Other fields to consider is that of the computer hardware engineer, computer programmer or frontend developer. Or, perhaps, you would like to transition into cybersecurity. The choice is yours, yet another advantage to earning your doctorate!

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