With an online Doctorate degree in Cybersecurity, do I have career and salary options?

Cybersecurity covers a broad array of career opportunities, especially for those who have invested their time and money in an online doctoral degree in the field. Typically, an online Ph.D. of Cybersecurity program can take five or more years to complete in its entirety. It is a commitment like no other and is an exorbitant expense, without a doubt, so many students are on the fence about the advantages. Is it worth it? Can your potential job earnings justify the cost of the online school program?

Every day, our national security is put at risk by hackers and the like. They work tirelessly to undermine our information technology systems and release classified data, therefore, putting Americans in danger. There are many branches of cybersecurity; therefore, with an online doctorate degree in cybersecurity, you will qualify for a variety of job opportunities.

To begin, perhaps you would like to consider a career in academia. Teaching positions in this field are growing exponentially due to the constant increase of cyber-related threats. There are just not enough qualified personnel to fill these positions; therefore, educators in the field of cybersecurity are much needed. Also, if you would like to conduct research in this critical discipline, your online cybersecurity doctorate degree will help you excel in this field of study, as well. The salary for a university professor in this field ranges from between $91,590 to upwards of $159,180 annually, with a specialization in computer science.

Are you interested in a position in executive-level management? If so, consider a career as a Chief Information Security Officer. Perhaps this standing is one of the most lucrative jobs to obtain with your online Doctor of Cybersecurity degree. In this vital position, your job duties will require the management and maintenance of all information security and IT risk management systems within a company or government organization. Salaries can range from $95,000 to upwards of $204,000 per year, depending on your experience and job responsibilities.

Entrepreneurs in the field of cybersecurity often begin their own businesses. They start consulting firms and offer their services to many different types of companies who are tasked with protecting the public’s private information. Would you like to be your own boss? And, set your own hours? Self-employment can help you create the schedule you desire, although, your salary will depend solely on your commitment.

Have you considered combining your online Ph.D. in cybersecurity with a career in criminal law? In the position of a cryptographer, your job duties would entail decoding and analyzing encrypted data to help solve crimes and prevent security threats. Cryptographers work side by side with law enforcement and government agencies. The average salary for a cryptographer is approximately $112,560 per year, depending on experience and educational degree.

Are you considering a career change? Keep in mind that many employees that now work in cybersecurity did not necessarily start in the field. Often individuals who work in IT careers, such as systems administrators, computer systems analyst or database engineers eventually choose to transition into the world of cybersecurity. As cybercrime continues to be prevalent in the U.S. and around the world, online schools that offer cybersecurity doctorate degrees are expanding to handle the strong need for qualified personnel in this field.

Are you interested in the field of cybersecurity? Are you ready for a career change? Don’t delay. Get in on this lucrative opportunity today and check out our choices for the Best Online Schools for Doctor of Cybersecurity Degree Programs.