How do I earn an online Doctorate degree in English?

Are you up for a challenge? Earning your online Doctorate degree in the field of English, although time-consuming and difficult, is also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling accomplishments one can achieve. Generally, it will take you five to seven years of hard work to complete your coursework to earn your degree, but, it will be worth every bit of time, effort and money you spend to reach that distinguished title and personal satisfaction. Your commitment will display that you have the determination and tenacity to be the best in your craft, as well as, afford you a learning experience like no other.

What’s the first step you should take once you decide to earn your online Doctorate of English degree? Well, it will depend on what you have already accomplished. Before entering a program, you must check to see what your school’s prerequisites are. For instance, some may allow you to enter a program having just earned your bachelor’s degree, therefore, they may offer a program that awards you a master’s with the option to continue towards earning your doctorate degree. And other schools may require that you already own a master’s degree before beginning a doctorate program.

In addition, before entering a doctorate program, your school may require that you take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). This is a nationally standardized test that is required for entry into most doctorate degree programs. The GRE has several sections, such as, math, verbal and an essay section, however, your English doctorate program will, most likely, focus on your English, literature and writing scores. Your GRE score will be good for five years. After that, you must re-take the test before entering a doctorate program. Also, check beforehand with your school about the GRE Subject Test for Literature in English, for some schools do not require this test, but some do. It consists of over 200 questions designed to focus primarily on a wide array of English/Literature to test your knowledge.

How many foreign languages do you speak fluently? Most doctorate programs will require knowledge in at least one foreign language, however, if you are considering a degree through a doctorate program from a very prestigious school, then you will need to up your game. At upscale universities, competency in two or three foreign languages are recommended and preferred.

If you are considering earning your online Doctorate of English degree and you have all your educational requirements fulfilled, you may want to think about who will write you the most complimentary letters of recommendation. These letters usually need to come from two or three of your English professors. You will also need to construct a letter of intent, as well as, submit some of your best writing samples.

Coursework within your online doctorate program will vary, depending on your concentration, however, you will explore a variety of topics related to the evolution of the English language, including interpreting classical texts, the study of literary periods, theories and well-known authors, as well as, lesser-known authors. You will also explore topics such as, creative, professional and rhetorical writing techniques, just to name a few.

To receive your degree, you will be required to write and present a dissertation on a topic that you would like to research and discuss. Most schools will also require an internship, such as, working as a graduate teaching assistant.

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