Will earning my online Doctorate of Public Administration degree help my career?

Earning your online Doctorate of Public Administration degree can be a long, expensive process, but is it worth it? Will it really help your career? The short answer to those questions is, “yes.” Although there is a lot to consider, you will not regret following through with a doctorate program to help your career, as well as, meet your personal goals.

With an online Doctorate of Public Administration degree in hand, the opportunities are endless. The number one skill that most employers look for in their potential new hires is a good problem solver. Another important skill they are looking for is an excellent communicator. If you have remained persistent and conquered the dreaded dissertation or doctoral capstone project with ease and grace, then you have proved yourself worthy of these two important qualities that employers are looking for, no doubt.

The problems you may encounter within a career in Public Administration can be extremely complicated and will require a higher level of thinking that only your doctorate program will have taught you. This level of problem solving skills and communication skills is what will help you gain a management position and a premium salary to go with it.

A key point regarding communication involves the many different ways you will have learned to communicate through your online Doctorate of Public Administration degree program. Even if you had excellent communication skills before, your doctorate program will expand on them. Your written skills are very important to a new employer. It will showcase your knowledge of the English language, in addition to, how to use it properly and your ability to explain your subject with expertise. Oral communication skills involve communicating with others effectively, whether it is with an authority figure or other team members. Another part of communication involves accepting criticism and applying it accordingly to improve your own work skills.

Another advantage to earning your online Doctorate of Public Administration degree is that it will allow you to apply your skills to any category of job. Although working in Public Administration may be your career goal, your doctorate degree can be useful along any path you decide to take in the future. Your program will teach you various types of research methods, along with developing skills in data analysis, all of which can be used in any career. Your universal abilities will allow you to apply for most any position you are interested in, for you will have the knowledge and tools needed to address complex and advanced problem solving solutions. Your skills will qualify you for a government level security related field such as cybersecurity or as a political analyst. Or, you may choose to remain in academic research. Although a PhD often leads to a university professor’s position, it doesn’t have to. There are many large corporations that are looking for individuals holding a Doctorate of Public Administration degree. The sky’s the limit!

As mentioned before, higher wages, sometimes significantly, can be expected by earning a doctorate degree related to your field. Although the money is nice, perhaps you are looking for credibility in the workplace. You will be most desired by potential employers with the doctorate title in front of your name, as it will show them that you have invested your hard-earned money and your valuable time in being the best at your craft. Completing a doctorate program can be a lengthy process, as well, for this will show your dedication and determination to see a project through to the end… all good qualities to have and a potential employer will appreciate your efforts.

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