Should I earn an online Ph.D. or a Doctorate degree in Information Technology?

The field of information technology is one of the fastest growing career options to consider when choosing a career that is “here to stay,” as more and more businesses, of all types, are now practically run by the help of computers, and that is not going to change. If anything, that will increase, and you are smart to follow a career in this domain. The efficiency that computers provide is economical in so many ways that there is no doubt that information technology is an excellent field to pursue. Earning your online Ph.D. or Doctor of Information Technology degree is a great way to advance in your present career, as well as, provide you with the increase in salary that you deserve. But which graduate degree should you strive for, the Ph.D. or doctorate? Which one will fulfill your needs?

Indeed, as you have previously worked within the realm of information technology, you are undoubtedly aware of where your interests lie. There are two different graduate degrees to consider. They are an online Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology (Ph.D. IT) or the online Doctor of Information Technology (DIT) degree. Until recently, it seems as though a career in information technology has required a “real-time and current” hands-on approach to solving real-world problems within the field. But now, a new concept is becoming more prevalent, and that is to pursue the theoretical aspect, as well as, conduct extensive research on the subject at hand through information technology.

If you would like to pursue research and analytical applications in information technology, a Ph.D. is the correct degree for you. This accolade allows you to add to the comprehensive understanding of information technology. You may also choose to research one specific area. To expand upon previous research and use it in current applications, you should elect to earn an online Doctor of Information Technology degree. This degree will furnish you with the opportunity to solve business problems or perhaps focus on a specific application as a practitioner within the field. As you search for one particular issue, you will be tasked with finding a plausible solution.

The online Ph.D. and Doctor of Information Technology degree programs sound similar, but are different; your final goal will be the same, to solve the world’s technology-related problems. Also, both degree holders can work together closely as the DIT owner can benefit from the research work of the Ph.D. holder and the Ph.D. holder relies on the DIT holder to identify researchable needs for workplace issues.

So, do you know which degree you should pursue? Remember, for those interested in pursuing research and theory, earn an online Ph.D. degree. If you would prefer practical, hands-on applications, earn an online doctorate degree. If you would like to learn about the exceptional establishments that offer information in these graduate degree programs, please see our choices for the Best Online Schools for Doctor of Information Technology.